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Batman Arkham Knight Details September DLC Along With October Tease

Batman Arkham Knight continues their DLC season pass with Nightwing and the tumbler.It’s no secret that fans and critics haven’t exactly been thrilled with Arkham Knight’s DLC offerings, especially concerning the high price point of $40. So far we’ve gotten some neat costumes, Batmobiles that are essentially unplayable during the story campaign and underwhelming Batgirl story content.

Currently available in the month of September is the Batmobile skin of Batman Begins’ the Tumbler which comes with two race tracks based off the Dark Knight trilogy. Players can also finally play as Batman sporting his original Arkham Asylum outfit based off the game of the same name.

Coming later in September is GCPD Lockdown, a Nightwing stand alone story that takes place the day after Arkham Knight concludes. The story revolves around the Penguin’s attempts at breaking out of GCPD after being put away by Batman. This comes paired with the second Crime Fighter Challenge Pack.

Finally we get a glimpse of what’s in store for October with a third challenge pack, the 1960s Batman series Batmobile and Catwoman’s Revenge which is also set to take place after Arkham Knights conclusion.

The Arkham Asylum Batsuit, and Tumbler Batmobile DLC is all available today while GCPD Lockdown and Crime Fighter Challenge Pack release September 29 2015.






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