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Batman Arkham Knight Shows Off New Trailer Starring The Hulk As Robin

WB Games has been killing it these last few years. Shadow of Mordor was the┬ábreak out hit of 2014 and showed legitimate next gen innovation, Mad Max looks fun as hell and the Batman Arkham games have always been the crown jewel of the company. Both Arkham Asylum and City belong on my “favorite video games of all time” list and Arkham Knight looks like it’s ready to join that list. You know, if it ever comes out I mean.

This trailer is perhaps the most somber, with sad piano playing in the background. The main focus is on Batman’s many relationships in the games, such as with Gordon, Oracle, Alfred, Catwoman, Nightwing, The Hulk, Azr-Wait What?

Yeah Robin (Tim Drake) is in this game but for some reason he looks gigantic. Seriously, look at this guy.

Robin is Huge

Robin has been hitting the sauce since Arkham City

The trailer shows off some awesome double team attacks. While the game is still confirmed to have no multiplayer, it looks like you can kick crime in the teeth with an AI partner at least.

This game may be the end of Batman as the vill- I’m sorry I can get over how swoll Robin is now.

"How do you catch the vermin scum of the city? With TRAPZ!!!!" *Flexes*

“How do you catch the vermin scum of the city? With TRAPZ!!!!”

Seriously though, the game looks great and I’m hyped. So just come out now…. please?






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