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The BFG – Trailer

Steven Spielberg wants you to know that The BFG doesn’t just have to be an acronym for a gun in DOOM.

Weird personal story time. When I was a kid I had the exact same fear of giants coming into my bedroom to take me away if I wasn’t fast asleep by then. I would even do drills to look as asleep as possible just in case. Yeah I was kind of a weird kid. Which is also why I think this trailer gets to me as much as it does. I’m not as familiar with Roald Dahl’s work as I’d like to be so it’s pleasant surprise to find out this is one of his tales.

The BFG looks to be as Spielberg-y as Spielberg can get when he wants to go whimsical. Stars a kid? Check. Kid deals with scary thing? Check. Kid ends up befriending scary thing who wasn’t so scary after all. Double check.

There’s a lot to like about this trailer and this movie in general. Keep an eye out for this one.

The BFG befriends children everywhere on July 1, 2016





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