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Booster Gold & Blue Beetle Movie In The Works?

#WouldWatchThere’s a fun little rumor out there that looks to be true, Warner Brothers wants to make a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie. Greg Berlanti, the mind behind the very successful Flash and Arrow TV shows is set to direct and Zak Penn (Avengers, X2) is being courted to write.

Reportedly the plan is to make it a “buddy cop” movie starring the two best friends Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. The film looks to stand out from DC’s current slate of films by leaning towards comedy in the face of the bleak bleakness of the larger DCCU. booster gold

Michael Jon Carter, better known as Booster Gold is a former football player turned Janitor by poor life decisions in the 25th century. He worked at a superhero museum where he stole superhero gear and time traveled back to present day to start fresh as the hero Booster beetle Ted Kord

Blue Beetle was most well known as Ted Kord, a genius inventor (think Tony Stark but without the suit and less…. everything) he took on the moniker Blue Beetle from his old college professor who he swore to carry on the name. Ted is pretty much a likeable guy with a big bank account and a flying Beetleship. Sadly in the comics Ted had died and his name has moved on to Jamie Reyes, a college kid who uncovered the magical power of the ‘scarab’ and runs around in a magical and kinda sorta, Iron Man-type beetlesuit.Blue Beetle

It’s unknown who Booster will be teaming up with, Ted Kord or Jamie Reyes. In the comics Boost and Kord were besties but I can just as easily see them using Jamie for the sheer fact that he isn’t just “another white guy” and maybe mashing the two personalities together.

I think a buddy cop movie with Boost and Beetle would be fantastic if done right. Two heroes who kind of suck at being heroes but their hearts are in the right place. At the very least, it would add some much needed comedy to the DC movies and hopefully future Justice League line up if things work out.  Currently there is no timeframe for this movie so I wouldn’t hold my breath and for better or worse, DC’s slate seems a bit more malleable than Marvel’s so things could easily get switched around.




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