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Weekly recaps on gaming, comics, movies, and more!

Things the Happened the Week of 5/18/2014

Some fun stuff happened this whole week. From me HATING Godzilla to being very satisfied with the excellent X-Men Days of Future past there’s been some downs on both ends for Marvel and DC films in the near future. David Goyer bro-ing out on us in the worst way and the Marvel machine possibly turning more Ultron than Jim Hammond. All that and more after the jump.

Things that happened the week of 6/1/2014

So I’m watching “The Clone Wars” CG cartoon on Netflix while I pour through the news of the past week. E3 is looking less and less relevant with all these details and disappointing reveals. The Antman drama seems to be coming to an end while Dr. Strange casting takes shape. All that and more after the jump.

Things that happened the week of 6/15/14

Feels good to be back proper! The internet issues this week continue but are slowly improving (Guy comes out Tuesday) but I didn’t let a silly thing like an internet connection that drops off every two hours stop ME. Some cool stuff this week. Disney Star Wars is looking more promising every week, Channing Tatum blows on my nostalgia button (I watched the fuck outta some MAXX as a kid) and Japan continues to be gross. Philadelphia Comic Con is happening right now and apparently Antifanboy isn’t good enough to cover if this year (as opposed to years prior?) but regardless HERE’S THE NEWS!

Things that happened the week of 6/22/2014

A pretty quiet week all around to be honest, all of the real juicy stuff was pretty much debunked or just sad news not worth gossiping about. So HOPEFULLY Crytek gets their shit together and HOPEFULLY Marvel doesn’t make a terrible business decisions like other companies that rhymes with “PC Blue Nifty Chew”. All that and more after the jump

Things that happened the week of 7/13/2014

Quiet week all things told except for the weird news/threat that Fox wants to aquire Time Warner soley, I assume, for the ability to make a Batman V Wolverine movie. Microsoft double Xbox One sales and rewards itself by firing 18,000 people and the Marvel Universe plans to elseworlds itself by changing the status quo and if Tom Brevoort is to be believed, keeping it that way. All that and more after the jump