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Chewing on a Generation Lost

Yes, yes it’s a new blog post but don’t explode from excitement on MY account. This post is kind of aimless but I think that correctly conveys the feel of the pod cast at the moment. Don’t get me wrong. Antifanboy will NEVER die but the chances of us returning to our glory days seem to be getting smaller with every day that passes.

Alright enough of that self-reflection crap. I’m going to talk about something that I haven’t talked about much with anyone in a while and that thing, my friends, is comics. Only recently have I really been caught up in, not that I had been months behind or anything like that but for some reason or another in the past few months I had consistently found myself trailing by a week or two. Except that’s all in the past now and thankfully I have found myself more or less caught up in Marvel and DC and everything else that approaches mainstream because let’s face it, I don’t have time for that artsy fartsy bullshit. (Please note that there will be spoilers)

As I said before this will jump all over the place in terms of relevance but hey it’s my article so if you don’t like it, make your own website. But ENOUGH! Lets get started and by started I mean lets talk about….

Generation Lost: (Note: at this time of writing this issue #4 has just come out) There are a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t be as into this book as I am. Reasons like Judd Winick, my lack of knowledge regarding anything involving the JLI, and well… Judd Winick. I could say that the fact that Keith Giffen is doing breakdowns is a reason…. Except I have no fucking clue what a breakdown really is so there goes THAT excuse. I guess what really draws me into this story is the concept. My only experience with Max Lord is of the brain shooting Ted Kord characterization so the fact that he used to be attached to the Justice League in some form or another is kind of neat to me. I guess he brings that hard edge Amanda Waller type mentality that I adore so much. The kind of person that sees a super hero as a weapon to be aimed at the person you don’t like as opposed to the free spirit’s the occupy our core books. But with my inexperience with these certain characters I know one thing, The JLI was seen as a joke in current continuity and nobody respects that team. The fact that such C-listers like Captain Atom and Fire and Ice were on the team pretty much cements that fact.

So back to the concept, which involves Max Lord after coming back from the dead thanks to a zombie with a scyth and a keen eye for jewelry fighting a space angel (tell me I’m wrong). You see Max has a problem. He’s clearly a bad guy but has been brought back alongside a bunch of dead heroes. So what does a guy with mind control powers do? Sticks a bunch of tubes to himself and makes the world forget about him or that he ever existed, save for his old pals in the JLI, well most of them anyway. Which leaves Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire and Ice with a unique problem of convincing everyone in the hero community that Max Lords is alive and a threat. Four issues in and we have seen every member torn down in a way that makes them seem dangerous to others or seen as just plain incompetent. Not to mention Max Lord isn’t free from his own problems where his mind control powers are going haywire which ties in with brightest day. It’s nice to see that the villain isn’t getting off scot-free and has his own shit to work out.  Add in the fact that Booster is now told that his best friend Ted Kord has committed suicide instead or being murdered adds an emotional punch that I was quite surprised to feel, and I have a title that I look forward to every other week now.  Oh yeah and the “new” Blue Beetle is in the book as well….. Yeah minus points for that.

Chew: A book that I am quite fond of, which involves Detective Tony Chu who is a cibopath, which is someone who can eat something and gain all types of feelings and memories from whatever he or she eats. Created by John Layman and Rob Guillory writer and artist respectively. The concept is fresh and Layman fills his universe with some wildly entertaining characters from Chu’s asshole boss to his partner(s?) and even to some of the insane situations these characters find themselves in. The not quite fantasy but could jump there at any moment style of this book is maintained and benefits mostly by the artist, Rob Guillory with his over exaggerated style it fits perfectly with what’s going on in this book issue by issue. Not to mention Rob draws the HELL out of some of the foulest things you would ever come across. It’s be easy to say that he’s the real star of this book as eleven issues in and I couldn’t see anyone else drawing this thing.

I also want to add a quick thank you note to Image and to Robert Kirkman, as I would have never of known or bothered with this book except for the fact that Image put the full issue 1 in black and white at the end of one of the Walking Deads I had picked up last year. A little preview is one thing but a full issue? Also it was at no additional cost. So I got two great issues for the price of one. As of writing this issue eleven has just come out and the first two trades are out and on sale so I implore you to pick these up and give Chew a taste.

As I have a tendency to go on for waaaaay to long about these kinds of things I figure I’ll stop for now and come back with Part 2 of a multi part series! So for now I’m going to get some much needed sleep and start work on my Wizard World Philly 2010 experience! Spoiler- It sucked.




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