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Comic Reviews 5/16/09

Another week another review of comics that are coming out late. Taste it.

You know, I really miss it when I could just read all my books on Wednesday and be done with it. Sadly as I’ve gotten older and have more responsibilities I can’t find the time to just bang everything out in a day anymore. It really sucks! I never thought I’d be that guy but here I am…

But anyway! In this review I’ll be going over 5 books: Dark Reign Hawkeye 2 of 5, Wolverine 73 (not 72), Green Lantern 36, Secret Six 9 and Fables 84 part fuckall of the great crossover.

So obviously there are SPOILERS going into this review, if you haven’t read them yet than I’d suggest doing so before diving in.

Dark Reign Hawkeye #2 (of 5)

Part two of Diggle’s Hawkeye series starts up right where issue two left off. With Bullseye letting loose on the poor reporters in the helicopter. You know I never really thought much of the whole trick arrow thing until you add a murderous element to them. Now you can see Diggle and Raney’s gleeful usage of these wonderful toys. After all that you get some Ben Ulrich action where he tries to figure out the great mystery of the killer avenger. Honestly I would have rather have seen Ben show up in issue one with his cameo and have that be the end of it. But now it seems like he’s going to be sticking around for a while and I fear by issue 5 he’s either going to be playing a bigger part than he needs to be or feel disconnected to the story. So after this is where things get kind of weird, whether it’s a good kind or a bad kind of weird remains to be seen but I’m hoping. Basically Osborn “awards” Bullseye by letting him kill some sort of terrorist cell, fast forward to tonight and when Hawkeye Bullseye gets there he realizes that they are all dead already. What makes it even weirder is that there are bullseye markings on their skulls and some OTHER Bullseye running around the building totally fucking with our Bullseye, and that, is ENTIRELY too many Bullseyes to be used in one sentence. So who’s this new guy? Is he somebody just trying to screw around with Bullseye? Is he hired by Norman Osborn? Is he Clint Barton? Is he really just a figment of the imagination? I certainly hope that it’s more of a psychological problem as it really adds a layer of insanity only briefly seen in Elli’s Thunderbolts run. So I really dug the issue but it’s walking the tightrope of overused cliché or true in depth analysis. Also Marvel? PLEASE stop with the Sentry and throwing things into the sun? It’s not funny nor was it ever. -B

Wolverine #73

No, you did not miss the last issue AKA the final issue in the “Old Man Logan” run. Marvel apparently wanted to give Steve McNiven the extra time to finish and make the best issue he possibly can. That’s all fine and good but seriously? Just delay the book. I guess Marvel has it in their contract to make 3 Wolverine appearances a week, delays be dammed! I guess the whole ‘not getting the conclusion to the totally awesome old man Logan arc’ would be a bit harder to swallow if this issue wasn’t surprisingly good. The book is split up into two different stories, the first titled, “A Mile in My Moccasins” by Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert, is a somewhat serious somewhat funny take on Wolverine being everywhere at once. Personally I liked it a lot and Kubert provided pencils and it’s been way too long since I’ve seen this guy on Wolverine and all those memories on why I liked it so much came flooding back. At first glance it just seems like an in joke that finally managed to make it to print. Near the end though is when it gets sort of interesting. Some chick, that wolverine slams on a bi-monthly basis or whatever asks him why he runs himself ragged and she mentions that maybe this is what having a nervous breakdown is like. Granted not TOO interesting but it really did get me thinking. I mean obviously Marvel’s isn’t going to run a mini event explaining why wolverine does all these things and they certainly aren’t going to cut down his appearances but I wouldn’t mind further psycho analysis of the guy.

The second by Daniel Way and Tommy Lee Edwards (the guy that drew 1985) is titled “One Percenter” and was also pretty good, made even more surprising is that this is from the guy that wants to force Romulus down our fucking throats every chance he gets. So the restraint he has shown here must be pretty amazing. It’s more based on this biker gang that Logan used to run with (I guess?) and how things aren’t doing too well for Horrowshow, the leader of the biker gang that DOESN’T do an obscene amount of drugs versus that ones that do. Things seem to be heading toward a gang war but there’s one problem, Horrorshow’s son is part of the other gang and apparently the catalyst for the whole thing. Logan decides to get involved (because he’s known for such situations) and of course there seems to be more going on than Way seems to let on.

I don’t know how many issues we have before the Dark Wolverine stuff takes over but both of these stories aren’t one shots and I’ll be honest I’m damn interested in seeing where both of these go. –B, –B+

Secret Six #9

So here’s the thing. I don’t like Gail Simone as a person. I find that she’s a little too feminist for my taste and kind of a bitch. That being said I have really enjoyed her takes on these characters and this book. Having read the entire original Suicide Squad run I became very attached to Deadshot and so far I’ve enjoyed the direction she has taken him. Catman I wasn’t too sure about but apparently he was some sort of bad ass, than the 90s happened and he became a joke but now he’s back to being a badass. Ragdoll I adore and Scandal Savage I find interesting along with newcomer Bane they both have had really interesting moments. So with the Battle for the Cowl tie in I was actually more interested in this than half the ‘legitimate’ tie-ins having guys like Bane and obvious Batman inspired Catman on the team. But what we get instead is Bane and Catman along with Ragdoll running around Gotham bitching and complaining about how they both want to be batman but not admitting to it. Bane has had this ‘fatherly’ thing going on for the past few issues and I’m not sure how I felt about it but I’m definitely not feeling it now. Also Catman who I’ve come to enjoy has really come off as nothing but a jerk who thinks he can just be Batman no questions asked. Jason Todd is one thing but Catman? Seriously? You know better than that. So after Bane and Catman kill a bunch of dudes Nightwing show up and yells at them, pretty much giving Catman more excuses to hate on heroes and their ‘holier than thou’ antics. Somehow Gail has made me dislike Catman more so in one issue than I ever had before. She’s also apparently forgotten that Bane had terrorized Gotham publicly as no one seemed to have recognized the guy. She still gains points for furthering the idea that Bane is the only Superhero with a finishing move. -C

Green Lantern Corps #36

Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason have to be one of the most effect tag team in comics today. Month after month they have to deal with being in the shadow of the Core Green Lantern book and the shadow of super star Geoff Johns. And despite all this they still manage to yarn together an awesome story with solid and exciting pencils that seem to blow anything Hal Jordan and his stupid “Hope” ring have to offer nowadays. I still can’t get the images of Arkillo and Mongul punching the shit out of each other and sharing a flagpole out of my head. So after all that awesomeness we are treated with the (apparently) long awaited talk between Sinestro and his daughter Soranik. With this we get the usually spiel about how he was her father all along but she never knew and blah blah blah. The really neat part is that we are still getting to see how not a total dick head Sinestro is. He really does love his daughter and feels like he’s doing the right thing. A bit like Magneto in space. All in all though he lets her know that Red Lanterns are coming and in case you forgot how brutal they really are turn the page and you’ll be reminded. Gleason really knows his huge crowd scenes and this is proof to that. Every panel has something clear going on and you’re never confused as to what’s going on. His creature designs are amazing as well. Seeing some roided out pterodactyl looking mother fucker rip off alien heads is pretty scary looking. And who doesn’t feel bad for the Bear Lantern as his wrecks house without any skin on his face? After this little window of what’s going on we get to see how Sodam and Arisa are doing. Tomasi manages to bring every major character some face time and they are all in very different situations and not once does he make the reader question what’s going on. Poor Sodam gets the shit end of the stick however, as when he tries to take on Mongul using the Ion power but Scar the “Evil Guardian” won’t let this happen so instead Sodam decides to fly into Daxam’s Red Sun to turn in yellow after blowing himself up. Needless to say it looks like he may have succeeded and we’re going to have a whole planet of Daxamites with the power of superman to deal with. Whether the ramifications of this go past this arc is unknown but I’m enjoying the ride so far. –B+

Fables #84 Part 4 of 9 of the Great Fables Cross over

This crossover is shit. Apparently Willingham and Sturges don’t care much about pacing as this entire issue deals with the farm and their reaction to Jack showing up. Now I want you to imagine the last time you saw Jack was in the “Jack be Nimble” two-parter waaay back in issues 34-35. Even before that Jack was seen as kind of a dick and a trickster but still somewhat sane. Now though, this issue and I guess Jack of Fables has been nothing much more than an audition for Willingham wanting to write Deadpool. Maybe it’s more Sturges than Willingham but regardless I don’t find it amusing that Jack just runs around breaks the fourth wall with regularity and he has somehow made a joke out of Boy Blue’s death which just irritates me to no end. So basically Jack is insane and then he bosses Beast and the entirety of the farm around because Rose Red doesn’t care anymore. Top all this off with Jack’s son showing up as Jack Frost and you have yourself a mess of an issue that makes no sense unless you’ve been following Jack of Fables since issue 1. -D



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