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Comic Reviews 6/10

Let’s do this.  Time for me to talk about some books.  Most of which, i’m going to tell you, were mediocre.  Oh and SPOILERS FUCKING GALORE!

Fables #85 :  Part 7 of THE GREAT FABLES CROSSOVER.  Or, more accurately the 7th straight bad issue of the fables crossover.  Jack wanders around fable town being useless, a dick, or dickishly useless.  He gets frozen by his son, who is defeated by his army of farm animals, teaches Bigby’s cubs how to lose at poker,  and then lies to his son to send him off on a quest to get his ass kicked by Bigby.  Oh, and the guy who’s trying to rewrite all of existence takes a shower.  Anyone remember when the incredibly evil tooth eater was on his way to kill everyone after Fabletown9/11 ?  I do.  That was fun.  Let’s get back to that soon.

War Of Kings: SAVAGE WORLD OF SKAAR :  I honestly wasnt going to buy this, but they put it in my box so I read it.  And it was good.  Gorgon (of the Inhumans) and Starbolt (of the Imperial Guard) crash land on Sakarr or whatever the hell the planet is called.  They are both injured and must set apart their differences and work together if they ever wish to survive and escape.    Not terribly original, but the comics medium has the great tool of internal dialog boxes to make this a great story.  And it is.  And it seems our enemies learn about each other and mutually respect one another.  Except that by the end of it they’re still the 2 most bad ass pure battle winning-est people of their respective groups, so even after agreeing to be taken prisoner Starbolt kidnaps Luna and takes her hostage until Gorgon fights steals her back and leaves.  Ultimately, they learn nothing about themselves or each other.  But they beat the fuck out of a lot of monsters.  And also, the hulks son was only in like 4 pages. So it was bearable.

Booster Gold 21:  Booster Gold meets Dick Grayson as Batman.  And manages to get him erased from time.  UH OH. LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR BOOSTER GOLD (most likely because it’s his fault in the first place).  Just a set up issue for the arc, and Jurgens REALLY likes writing Batman stories.  But it’s okay.  Nothing new or great.  This book doesn’t really have the legs to last too much longer.

Red Robin 1:  TIM DRAKE WAYNE XTREME.  Tim  kind of snaps a little (losing 2 fathers in 2 years could do that to you).  Tim throws a fucking his sy fit about not being picked to be Dick’s Robin, and Damian rubs it in his face, serving to only make things worse.   Tim, blatantly living in denial after throwing his fit, decides that Bruce is alive, for absolutely NO reason other that “he HAS to be, I have nothing else left”.  He adopts Jason’s costume so that he can in fact be XTREME and break peoples fingers and not feel bad.  Which, I guess makes since.  Except that he does still feel bad and complains every time he does it.  But then writes it off.  Because he HAS to be XTREME.  Well, except we don’t get any reason why in the world he needs to be XTREME.  He has absolutely no leads or facts or clues to make him believe Bruce is alive, and he certainly has no need to use excessive force to get any information because no one has any information..  Except possibly RAS AL GHUL WHO IS SECRETLY SPYING ON HIM.  But probably not.

X-Factor 44: Monet issue.  Except not really.  We don’t get any Jaimie future shenanigans, just a few brief scenes.  There’s a solid Val Cooper / Theresa scene but that’s about it.  The rest of the issue is about the rest of X-factor.  Only, not the rest of them I care about.  Longshot/Darwin/Monet is kind of like the F-list section of the C-list team.  I mean, we didn’t even get Guido or Rictor. Bummer.  But it’s more building.

Green Lantern Corps 37:  Sodom Yat is DEAD!  The sun is YELLOW!  A GL kills some VAMPIRES!  Scarred Gaurdian is EVIL! GL Rookies are NEWBS! Riot is almost OVER!  And most imortantly, no useless fucking FATHER/DAUGHTER MOMENTS!  Good issue.

The Flash Rebirth:  I have to respect this issue for 2 things.  1.  The art is STILL phenominal.  And honestly, when Barry is running trying to drive himself back into the speedforce, I kind of feel like the writing fails itself a bit (by AGAIN going over mostly JUST the events of the last 2 isues) but the art alone sells the fucking anguish and intensity of Barry in that moment, and it probably my favorite rendering of someone entering the speed force (at least that i’ve seen in a LONG time).  2.  Geoff knows that superman isn’t as fast as the Flashes.  I fucking loved it when Wally blew Superman away during his run and I loved it when Barry blew him away here.  “Those were for charity Clark” is ALMOST as cool as “but I’m faster than heat vision”.  We still haven’t seen any of the development in Barry that we need to, he’s still stubbornly annoying and dickish and dead set that he is right an he has to do this and yadda yadda.  I really would have liked for this series to exemplify how FUN the Flash books always were , and why super speed is just an amazing exhilerating power, but Barry just doesn’t seem to do it.  The best moments are with the characters we already know, Jesse, Iris, Wally, Clark, and all of the Barry stuff falls short.  Everyone says that Barry existed before characters were really fleshed out, and I agree,  but I think there was enough of a template there that he doesn’t need redefining.  And redefining is exactly what Geoff is trying to do here, and it just isn’t working for me.  It’s definitely getting better though, so that much I can give it.  Of course, it could be that a few of the beats were bogarted from Waid’s run.  But whatever, i’ll allow it.

-Ravishing Randal