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CW is Planning the Most Awkward Super Hero Show Ever

Deadline is reporting that CW is in the planning stages of a new superhero show, which isn’t really news in itself but the cast that they are lining up is…interesting.

We know that there have been grumblings of a Atom spinoff ever since Season 3 of Arrow began. Some would say because DC wanted to beat Marvel in terms of incredible shrinking men but I like to think it was because Brandon Routh was so damn charming in the role. Also in talks are signing on Wentworth Miller who plays Captain Cold in the Flash and while Miller has shown he can be a leading man I couldn’t begin to make the Atom connection. One half of the Firestorm charcter Victor Garber and Caity Lotz who played Black Canary and is ermm… not anymore.

So we have our hero (The Atom) a entertaining bad guy but with no connection to the hero (Captain Cold) The old man half of another hero, therefore making it pointless (Firestorm) and someone who SPOILER – Died (The Canary).

None of it makes sense and maybe Robbie Amell (the other half of Firestorm) hasn’t been discussed signing on yet but I’m not gonna lie. This could be a crazy enough show to be can’t miss.




Source: Deadline



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