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Daredevil Poster Shows Off The Punisher In Full Costume

The skull has returned.

I’m a little ashamed to admit it but I was never 100% certain that the Daredevil team would go all in on a Punisher with a Skull on his chest. Daredevil seems so realistically rooted that a dude running around in a skull t-shirt seemed like something that would get a pass in the fitting room.Daredevil

Yet here we are and here is Frank Castle walking around with a skull shaped bulletproof vest that I guess he was lucky enough to have accidentally spilled paint on it to make it REALLY look like a skull.  The Punisher is such an easy look to pull off and I’m glad he’s rocking the trench coat as well.

Elektra’s outfit is more or less on display but there’s no word on if she will don the full red assassin look at some point in the season. And it looks like some alterations have been made to Daredevil’s own outfit, sadly we don’t have a full close up look on his head piece to see if that tragedy looks any different.

There seems to be a brighter shade of red incorporated in the look and he has less padding that covers his jowls that just made his whole head fat looking. I’m digging it.

Daredevil beats you up in a hallway on March 18th 2016.




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