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Daredevil Red Outfit Revealed

Listen. No one likes jumping all over a comic book franchise more than the ANTiFanboys but buzz around the Netflix Daredevil show has been pretty good, but the final red Daredevil costume. It’s ummm. It’s not great.

Granted it’s only the top half and everything looks OK¬†except for that helmet. Like I talked a lot of smack on The Flash’s head piece because it more or less gives him a baby skull. But this?


The “horns” look like an optical illusion, only looking like that from the front. The top is far too rounded and the whole thing makes him look more like a serial killer than a ninja. The 2003 Daredevil got a lot wrong but the costume was not one of them. Most likely this won’t make an appearence until the last episode and there will be retouches for the next time we see him.





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