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Baltimore Comic Con 2010 – DC Nation Panel

The DC Nation panel we WERE on time for thankfully. The panelist were Sterling Gates, Shane Davis, Nick Spencer, Jimmy Palmiatti Ivan Brandon with Ian Sattler rounding everything out by leading the discussions.

Palmiatti had announced that a new Freedom Fighters book was coming out. With art by Travis Moore and inking by Trevor Scott. He confirmed that this is a 100% continuation from series of years past. Confirms that the Renegades show up. The book will be an ongoing monthly title. Hints that the standout star will be the Human Bomb.

New Doc Savage book coming out from Ivan Brandon and Brian Azzarello. I missed the rest of the details because of Steve’s dumb ass.

Nick Spencer talks about his co-feature in Action Comics, Jimmy Olson. Says that Chloe Sullivan from Smallville finally gets her introduction to the DCU.

Shane Davis announces that he’s working on a new Superman book titled Superman Earth 1. States that this delves into Superman’s younger years but stresses that this is not a retelling.Focuses on stories of Superman when he was 21, a time generally overlooked in his past.

Jim Sterling announces he is working on Bizarro story arc.

Someone (forgot who) announced that Warren Ellis’s arc of Hellblazer is finally being released. Apparently the storyline was cancelled because of the event at Columbine Highschool.

Shane Davis expressed interest on working on a Captain Marvel book.

“Yo man, When Dead Man gunna return to da dead!?” – Fan

Sterling Gates Kid Flash run is dead but something cool and top secret in it’s place.

Renee Montoya is going to be the Question for a long long time.

For those of you wondering when the hell Brightest Day actually ends… it’s 26.

DC Universe comic book to coincide with the MMO game.

Damian Wayne mini series planned.

Currently no plans to revisit a SOLO type project.

“Does DC Plan to do anymore Watchman comics?” – Fan
“Next Question.”-Ian Sattler

Damian Wayne and Tim Drake to stay Robin and Red Robin respectively. Nightwing and Bruce Wayne shakeup probable.

One of the most telling things was the Watchman question. The response alluded to either “I’m sick of this fucking question.” or that this was actually happening. If it does happen it’ll be interesting to see what kind of backlash they get for such a controversial move.




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