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Devon’s Reviews 5/08/09

I reviewed 4 books this week, The Boys,30, War of Kings #3, Flash Rebirth #2 and Superman World of New Krypton #3 of 12. DC corrected their mistake and have stated that World of New Krypton is a 12 issue series not a 15 as previously seen.

I know these reviews are a bit long winded but I’ll try and fix this as reviews continue. Hope you guys enjoy.

The Boys #30

Issue 30 is basically, and by basically I mean is, an Epilogue issue after the very good “G-Men” arc. So where issue 29 was full of explosions and disturbing images issue 30 is very much more low key. Aside from a pretty funny/offensive scene of Pre-Wiz, the youngest of the G-Men getting dropped out of an airplane flying over Iceland, this issue is mainly serious talk. Butcher gives Hughie a slight verbal thrashing in which he tells Hughie that they aren’t here to make things better, but prevent them from getting worse. Which is a pretty solid statement for Butcher to make, they aren’t heroes they are there to keep the supes in line, no more no less. So if Preacher is anything to go by at this point I’d say we’re about half way through this series. I’ll say it right now, and it’s pretty much a no brainer- The Boys is not as good as Preacher. It’s not exactly the same type of book either though. While Preacher has a ton of great moments it’s nowhere near as intricate as The Boys. There are side deals and back stabbings appearing or being planned at every turn. Basically making this a really hard book to follow in singles. I’ll soldier on but if you’re curious about taking the jump in I’d suggest waiting for the trades. Also bright spot in this issue is Butcher being the scariest man to have sex with…. Ever.

War of Kings #3

Wow, what a fun issue. Anyone who knows me knows that I have had a massive throbbing hard on for Marvel Cosmic ever since reading Annihilation a few years back… You know the one that were being released out when Civil War was coming out so NO ONE CARED ABOUT IT. So out of that came the astounding Nova series and the Sophomore attempt, Annihilation: Conquest spawned a little gem called Guardians of the Galaxy. All these books followed with War of Kings is basically becoming its own little universe in the corner of the Marvel U. For those of you in the dark, WOK is the third event to come out of Marvel Cosmic and so far it’s holding up just as well as the previous two stories. Issue 3 is basically the ‘payback’ issue for Blackbolt and the Kree as the Shi’Ar had trashed a wedding in issue one, severely injuring Ronan and killing a whole mess of people. The first half of this book is basically Crystal of the Inhumans being upset that there’s a war going on while on the other side Gladiator is pissed because he has to serve royal dick-face Vulcan. So while reading this issue I was a little bummed as I really thought Abnett and Lanning were going to talk at me for 30 something pages where out of nowhere the mother fucking Guardians of the Galaxy along with the Starjammers show up and blitz the Imperial Guard. Artist Paul Pelletier can really draw a fight scene and doesn’t seem to have much trouble keeping things in order, especially with the amount of chaos that’s going on page. That said an obvious plot twist comes to pass but I didn’t really mind as you knew it was coming a mile away and I’d rather have them get it out of the way early, than drag it and still surprise no one. I’m still really excited to see where this goes and how Vulcan is going to get himself out of the mess.

The Flash Rebirth #2

I want to like Barry Allen, I really do. It seems like Johns wants me to as well as he frequently uses flashbacks to show us that the Barry back than wasn’t a total d-bag and wasn’t always so whiny. While there’s nothing really wrong with the structure or the artwork, I still find this book to be moving at a snail’s pace. Not being as familiar with the Flash as my other friends (Suarez) I’m left in the dark about Savitar and this Alexandrova woman. So even when they show up and then are quickly killed off I’m not quite sure if I should care all that much. Probably not as the real shocker is where Barry and Wally are checking the “crime scene” of the newly dead Black Flash. Enter the Alexandrova chick and Barry accidently vibrates her to death (way to go Barry) and turns into the “GASP” Black Flash. Whether this will be sticking around for long remains to be seen and while I’ll admit I’m now somewhat interested I feel like Johns wasted an entire issue just for this moment.

Superman: World of New Krypton #3

Alright so I’m not going to get into the back-story of New Krypton because you all probably already know about it. But even if you have no idea what this is, it’s Superman being pure Superman. It’s Kal El solving problems the Superman way. I find that one of the biggest reasons people can’t seem to dig into Superman the way that they used to is it’s not really that interesting to see Superman hit things. He fucking impervious to basically everything. The real charm to Supes is that he has all this power and still manages to solve serious problems in non violent ways. His basically Picard if he had super powers, the guy knows when to let loose but knows there’s always a better way for it. A lot of writers, I feel forget this but thankfully Robinson and Rucka don’t. We’re on issue 3 and the first real fight happens but the real interest is the under workings of Kryptonian society and how Kal is trying to make things better. Of course all this cool stuff has to get swept away when the Green Lanterns comprising of Sodam Yat, John Stewart and Hal Jordan show up. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a big dumb fight and we’ll get more awesome political intrigue.




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