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Drew Goddard Is Still In The Writers Room For Daredevil Season 2

It looks like Drew Goddard is involved in Daredevil in more than just “name only” for season 2.While doing interviews for his upcoming film The Martian which Goddard wrote, questions arose about Drew’s involvement with Daredevil. Originally Drew was hired on as the showrunner for Netflix’s first foray with the Marvel properties in the form of Daredevil. Fans and critics alike were happy with the news as Drew boasts an impressive resume, having written on Lost, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the film Cabin in the Woods. Things seemed to be going well until seemingly out of the blue, it was announced that he was leaving the Daredevil and was being replaced by Steven DeKnight as the showrunner. History showed that things worked out as Daredevil was a smash hit and that Goddard had helped plot out the first two seasons and had written the pilot episode.

Drew had left Daredevil to work on the then planned Sinister Six movie, but when Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to impress the house of cards came tumbling down and plans for sequels and spinoffs were abandoned.  It was rumored that he would then direct the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man film but the studio went into another direction.

Fear not for old Drew however as we know he is a bit more involved with Daredevil than we thought.  When asked if there was a chance he would go back to Marvel the writer replied.

“I love Marvel, I still work with them. I was in the writers room of Season 2 a couple weeks ago—it’s going. I think this sort of got portrayed as this sort of animosity, [but] it’s never been the case. They know I love their properties, they’ve been very nice to me, we just keep trying to find the right fit.

For me it’s all about how do I make it personal? With Matt Murdock I just had such a personal connection to that character it was just like, ‘I have to do this.’ I don’t want to—I call it “superhero karaoke”, I don’t wanna be a guy that just takes the comics and then shoots them onscreen. I think it’s our job to treat it as if it’s our run. If I’m the writer of a comic book, you wouldn’t just retell someone else’s story, you would just take that ball and move it forward.”

Drew went on to say that he is still attached as executive producer and is helping plot out the story.

My job is wonderful which is—I mean my friends are running it, Marco [Ramirez] and Doug [Petrie], and when I say, ‘What do you guys need?’ they say, ‘Come in, talk.’ That’s how it works, I’m still the executive producer. I show up and we talk about Matt Murdock and I say, ‘Do you need any more help?’ and they say, ‘No,’ and then I leave (laughs).”

I’m glad to hear that Goddard is still attached in more than just a producing role. During the Sony leaks it was hinted that Drew would be attached in name only but to hear him tell it, it looks like he still is guiding the show.




Source: Collider



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