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First Impressions: New Spider-man & Captain America Costumes

So we’ve been treated to not one but 2 images from upcoming Marvel movies.

First we have the possibly redesigned Spider-Man costume starring Andre Garfield (the guy from The Social Network)

Personally, I don’t hate it… but I don’t love it really. The chest symbol looks spray painted on, with the symbol running down all the way to his waist. I do like the gauntlet redesign though. Also I’m a big fan of the webbing that looks to be integrated with the suit as opposed to be on top like with the older films. And he essentially LOOKS like Spider-Man. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that wouldn’t know exactly who he is at a glance.

Interesting of note is the lack of a mask. I guess it makes sense to show off the actor but at the same time, the mask is pivital to the costume. If you mess up the mask then the whole thing goes to crap. Maybe the mask isn’t ready? According to IMDB they are currently filming so I’d imagine it’s done but they are choosing not to show it off. Hopefully they nail it.

Still a part of me suspects that this may not be the final costume design. Maybe I’m crazy is hoping that this is Spidey on his hunt to find Uncle Ben’s killer wrestling costume, and the final costume will be much more akin to the original design.

Next we look at the leaked Captain America costume.  This is the first full on shot we see of Chris Evans in the Captain America Costume

I love love LOVE this costume. We all knew that the comicbook costume was going to be a tough sell. With illustrated mock ups popping online to generally favorable reviwews we knew what it was supposed to look like. Here we actually see it, and it rules.

Clearly based off of the Ultimate Captain America design we have the helmet with the wings on the side. This was the right call as I have no idea how you’d sell a “cool” Captain America that had wing tips off the side of his head.

The red suspender part of the costume was the only questionable part of the design and here I think it looks fine. It flows fine with the grey straps turning red leading down to the white midsection is a great way to keep what makes the costume iconic without making it looks batshit crazy. The belt buckle looks cool as does the padded upper body showing off the appropriate colors.

The Shield looks great. I guess it’s kind of hard to screw up the shield but I wouldn’t have been surprised if they did manage to goof it up. Battle scarred and metallic the shield looks bad ass and I can’t wait to see it in motion.

My one issue with the costume is at first glance I thought Steve Rogers had a mess of brown hair covering his ears. Which immediatly set off a few alarms. t was only after a few seconds did I realize that it was some sort of ear padding. To be honest it looks kind of…. odd. I don’t know what was wrong with just showing his ears but whatever.

I know it’s unfair to judge these costumes as of right now. One is a grainy leaked photo and the other is a studio released shot of an incomplete costume, but I figure I’d still try.

Personally I like the Captain America costume much more than I do the Spider-Man one. This could change and I can’t wait to see better quality and more complete pictures along the way.




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