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My God This Punisher Trailer

As much as I dig the character, The Punisher, I’ve always worried about how Frank Castle comes across after his initial impression. I mean, sure a guy with a skull on his chest and blowing everyone away is always cool in the moment, but after? The guy comes across as bland, and shares the exact same tale as every action hero in the 80s and 90s ever. We’ve seen the attempts in film form and they are as expected and Frank had a cup of coffee(s) in Daredevil season 2 but a whole show based on a guy who shoots people? This is the question Netflix is looking to answer and based off this trailer? Well expect lots of screaming and shooting. Sooo progress?

In all honesty, this trailer gets me AMPED, but more in a way like how 300 does. I’m not sure how much high caliber storytelling we are going to get and I hope I’m surprised. I still have the fear that it’s going to be “Frank sees criminal, Frank interrogates criminal, Frank shoots criminal, rinse and repeat. At the same time, Metallica  playing in the background while Frank is screaming and shooting a LMG at some poor dude cowering behind a pillar is everything you could ask for in a trailer for a show called The Punisher.

Property of Netflix

Weirdly there’s still no official date yet, but if you go by history, expect a Marvel Netflix show sometime in November.





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