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HBO’s Standalone Service is Called HBO NOW and Cost Detailed

If you hadn’t heard by now HBO is going to offer you the ability to subscribe to them without the need for cable bundles. Meaning that HBO is going the Netflix route. The service will be called HBO NOW and is set to launch riiiight around the time the new season of Game of Thrones starts up.

The retail price looks to be $15 which is what you would pay to get HBO added to your cable package anyway. Its…. a tad steep considering HBO would be eliminating the middle man and all these sign ups would be going directly into HBO’s pocket but they are still partnering up with a variety of distributors such as Xbox, PlayStation, Roku etc. This WILL be a different service than HBO GO.

The hurdles they have now are A. Making sure that HBO NOW will work with no issues and B. Making it easy for consumers to differentiate between GO and NOW.  So lets make this easy. If HBO was the only thing keeping you with your cable provider then NOW is the way to go.




Source: Ibtimes



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