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Hellboy 2 Actor Doug Jones Joins Arrow And Hints At Another Flash Crossover

Doug Jones, mostly seen under pounds of makeup and latex suits is going to be on Arrow as the villain Deathbolt. Now if you do a quick google image search you aren’t going to find anything post 70s so your guess is as good as mine as to how he will be portrayed in the show. What’s interesting here is that Mr. Jones will also be shooting scenes on The Flash. Most likely as the same character, and what this usually means is crossover. Now the last crossover between Arrow and Flash was awesome and totally delivered. Hopefully lightning will strike twice here.

Deathbolt has control over electricty. Think low-rent Electro…. like really low rent. This is sort of important in a few ways. One. It could mean crossover. Two. This is the first real super power that Arrow will have to deal with. Yes there was miricuru or whatever but that just made those guys tougher. This is a full bore super powered baddie.

Deathbolt will be appearing on Arrow on the April 17th episode.





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