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Back in 2006, a group of angry young comic book nerds started a podcast with the focus of highlighting which comics that released that week were the must-read books but as the show grew in popular, it expanded into a show about video games, movies, television, comics, and everything else in between. Just remember one thing: We don't talk. We argue!

Hello ANTiFanboy!

Hi it’s Michelle! I am 26 years old and I have been a huge comic book fan since I read Garth Ennis’s Preacher as a teenager. Over the years, I have read many collections and issues ranging from mainstream superhero stories like The Flash and Batman to indie books like Hack/Slash, The Walking Dead, and Transmetropolitan. I’m a television and movie fan and have also been to a couple of comic book and video game conventions.

After the debacle with the woman who wore the Stephanie Brown Batgirl costume at the Comic Con last year, asking the question of “where are the women?” in response to the JLA comic book cover for the new 52, I created the blog in order to help educate and celebrate female pop culture figures. I also wanted to let readers know, who are sullen and discontented with female superheroes and how they are being written, that there are other female protagonists in comics.

I am very excited to be able to be a part of the ANTiFanboy page and to be able to blog about weekly comic books as well as series that I have read in the past. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

Just to give an idea of the comics that I do read from week to week:
Swamp Thing
Animal Man
Ultimate Spiderman
Atomic Robo
The Walking Dead
House of Mystery
Resurrection Man
Action Comics
And I am totally open to suggestions for trying new books.



HI! My name is Michelle and on Twitter I am @RicksRightHand! I love reading comic books from mainstream superhero to indie books. I am an avid film and television watcher. I have blogs on Tumblr; a fun blog full of nonsense- dedicated to get the world excited about female protagonists in pop culture- which I share with @stin where we post the nerdiest of things. I am looking forward to posting about recent comic books and also comic book collections I have read. :)