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Hulk Actor Hints That He May Pop Up In Captain America: Civil War

When the press release came out about how astoundingly big Captain America: Civil War was going to be, people certainly took notice. The cast was bigger than even Avengers: Age of Ultron but it was missing two big Marvel names, notably Thor and The Hulk.

Well it looks like we may see the Green Goliath sooner than we think as Mark Ruffalo tumbld/tweeted about the Marvel Family getting a little bit bigger.

Granted this could be a few different things. It could be Mark Ruffalo – the fan tweeted about how excited he is for the movie. It could be Mark Ruffalo – The social media team saying the same thing. Ruffalo could just be trolling us, or he really could be involved, as famous Hulk bad guy, General Ross is also part of the film.

It really would be interesting to see Hulk pop up in the Civil War storyline as he was off-planet while all these hero Vs. hero showdowns were happening in the comic. Then again Civil War- the movie could have about as much of a connection to the book as Age of Ultron does, that is to say, none at all.






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