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Iron Fist Punches His Way To A Trailer

It was only a matter of time but we got our Iron Fist footage.

In true teaser trailer fashion we don’t have a lot of information but we do have that sweet shot of Danny Rand meditating on his couch. Madame Gao from the first season of Daredevil pops up and considering that first season was full of Iron Fist easter eggs it’s nice to see that pay off.

We also see a glimpse of another famed hallway scene with Danny throwing elbows with dudes garnishing hatchets like its Kung-Fu Hustle. The famed yellow glow appears and our hero definitely punches through some walls with that bad boy. Note that he doesn’t have his costume in any of these shots, so we could be seeing a scenario where he doesn’t put on the green leotard until the last few episodes.

Also, please shave dude, you look better without the beard.

Iron Fist punches through your Comcast Data Cap on March 17, 2017





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