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Jason Statham is “In Talks” for Bullseye in ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 *UPDATE*

*UPDATE* According to Marvel Television, who spoke with CBR, the Jason Statham rumor is not true.

Original Story

Jason Statham is having a good year. He played the bad guy in the almost puzzlingly profitable Furious 7 and the upcoming comedy Spy is riding high with a ‘Certified Fresh’ Rotten Tomato score in the mid 90s. They may not be starring roles but it isn’t terrible being attached to them either. 

If rumors are to be believed, it looks like Mr. Statham will be connecting himself to another popular franchise in the form of Netflix series Daredevil. The word is that Marvel is pursuing him for the role of Bullseye, a sadistic assassin who never misses his target. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Colin Farrell portrayed the character as the only bright spot in the maligned 2003 film.

Bullseye as a bad guy is pretty great, he’s the Joker to Daredevil’s Batman. He has no real emotion other than pure evil. There’s no redemption to the character. While that may make him seem one note, Bullseye is so deliciously proficient at being ruthless that it’s going to be a treat to see him back in Matt Murdock’s life. No word if Bulleye will be playing a larger role ala Wilson Fisk in season 1 but he is almost as important of a fixture in Daredevil’s life. He is set to appear alongside other rumored villains like Mysterio, Mr. Fear and Elektra.

Funny enough, Statham was in talks for the Daredevil reboot at Fox before rights reverted back to Marvel.

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Source: Latino Review



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