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Jeremy Renner Reveals Team Cap and Team Iron Man

WHO YOU GOT?So Jeremy Renner tweeted out earlier today some promotional art for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and holeeeeeee hell let’s do this shit.

Team Cap

Team Tony

It’s not often that you’ll see news post about promo art but Civil War earns the coverage.

So lets break this down:

Team Cap

  • Captain America
  • The Falcon
  • Hawkeye
  • Ant-Man (on Clint’s shoulder)
  • Agent-13
  • Winter Soldier

Obviously a blue theme they got going on. According to D23 footage, Ant-Man is a huge Cap fan so its no surprise that he’s on Steve’s side, also a reformed criminal (alongside Bucky) so there may be more to it than just being a fanboy.

Agent-13 in the comics is Sharon Carter, the granddaughter of Peggy Carter. Now I’m not sure if this has been confirmed in the films but it seems likely. Her inclusion on the team photo mean’s she’ll have a bigger role than I was expecting.

Hawkeye seems like a surprise pick mainly due to his ties with Widow but he’s never shown favor to either Tony or Cap in the films. Hawkeye wasn’t around for the Civil War in the comics so there’s no precedence.

Falcon is Steve’s best friend till the end so it’s no surprise why he joined.

Bucky AKA The Winter Soldier seems nice and reformed here, and while he’s missing his trademark ‘murder eye’ makeup it’s obvious that he’s on the side of the angels again and is backing up his childhood friend.

Team Tony

  • Iron Man
  • War Machine
  • Black Widow
  • Black Panther
  • Vision

Team red is boasting some powerhouses here.

War Machine, like Falcon is best friends with the team captain so he’s got to back up his boy.

Black Widow, is somewhat surprising considering her ties with Steve back in The Winter Soldier but she also has always towed the line and that is the one Tony is standing behind.

Black Panther is a big unknown here, The T’Challa in the comics has always been close with Captain America and in the comic, he was staunchly anti-registration. I’m hard pressed to see how Tony will win T’Challa over with his irritable charm. Then again, The Black Panther is the sovereign ruler in Wakanda and that may play a big part in why he sides with Iron Man.

Vision is another question mark. Another character who was absent during the comic version of Civil War and he was the uniting factor in Age of Ultron. Maybe there’s some sort of father-son thing he’s got going on with Tony as Steve DID try to stop Vision from being born in the last Avengers film.

Who Wins

So overall I’m a fan of the teams but if we’re being honest. Captain America’s team is woefully under powered here. The Iron Man suit is an entire army’s worth of firepower and War Machine is not far behind. Black Widow is a master spy and Black Panther is pretty much the Marvel equivalent to Batman. Also Vision is seemingly Thor/Hulk level power, with the ability to phase through objects, flight, super strength and an infinity stone for a power source.

Captain America is well, Captain America so don’t count him out. In the field, Steve should be able to out think Tony at every turn and that gives him a fighting chance. Ant-Man is surprisingly effective against electronics and is a proven master-thief. Hawkeye can do damage all on his own but is still one of the more lower level heroes in the MCU. Agent 13 is just a highly trained  former(?) SHIELD agent and Falcon can fly and shoot guns, none of which are going to be effective against over half of Tony’s team. Finally we have murder-king Bucky who rock’s a metal arm and is an all around bad ass. Problem is, we don’t know how much of that killer instinct he still has left after converting to the church of Steve Rogers.

JUST by going with the information we have here I’d have to side with the powerhouse fivesome of Team Iron Man. There’s too many questions about Team Cap and Vision could potentially wipe out half the team by himself. Which is why underdog Team Cap is going to be so fun to watch.

Now OBVIOUSLY we are having fun here and who knows? Maybe a Hulk will drop down and ruin everybody’s fun and betrayals and double or even triple agents will surely arise.

So am I crazy? Predicting a Tony win in a Captain America movie? Probably but yo, that Iron Man armor is DOPE.





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