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Jon’s Reviews 4/29

I reviewed 7 books this week.  Dark Avengers #4, Dark Reign: The Cabal, Green Lantern #40, Justice Society of America #26, The Literals #1, Superman #687, and Wonder Woman #31.

It was a pretty solid week this week.  Most of those titles were good.  I still don’t get who Marvel thinks they are.  I mean of course I will still throw money at them, but this just isn’t fair.  They have a major stronghold on the majority of the marketshare and they are charging $3.99 on the popular books.  That’s just not fucking cool.  Shows how ridiculous and unprofessional people can be.  I mean, this is LIBERAL ARTS.  Fucking show some love for the people that actually support you during times like these.  

Dark Avengers #4
Bendis and Deodato

This was a solid issue. Bendis has been doing a good job keeping me interested in the major titles for Dark Reign. Deodato’s art is fantastic, too. I was happy to see the Morgana LeFay situation NOT turn into the main story of this book’s first arc. That shit was resolved before halftime in this book. I’m pretty used to the team dynamic after 4 issues, with Hawkeye (Bullseye) being the most likable character in my opinion with his snooty remarks and what not. Also, Dark Moonstone is way too hot for Loser Marvel Boy and Ares was one of two situations this week in which a character breaks the fourth wall. Sentry coming back at the end was expected, also, the uncertainty of his opinion upon returning was expected too, but it was good to see a change of pace from Morgana. I don’t care how good Bendis’ writing or fantastic Deodato’s art is in this line. This book should NOT be $3.99. And neither should New Avengers. And neither should the non-Bendis, non-Deodato one-shot that will be reviewed next. B


Dark Reign: The Cabal One-Shot

A one-shot that covers the cabal members under Norman.  It was five shorts by different creative teams.  I’ll break them down the best I can.  This was also worth $3.99.  So I will judge whether or not each story was worth $0.80.

“…And I’ll Get the Land” – Hickman and Granov
I really haven’t been exposed to a lot of Doctor Doom in my time so I don’t necessarily have a legitimate opinion on this one.  It was cool I guess, maybe for super doomfans if they got it right, and if they didn’t I guess it was bad.  To me though, it was whatever.  Really Doom? Loki and Emma chained up to your throne like pets? Didn’t care so much about this.  Granov’s art was excellent though.  Have to love that guy’s style.  Not worth $0.80.  Sorry.  D

“How I Survived Apocalyptic Fire” – Fraction and Acuna
This one was about Emma Frost and it was okay.  Never really liked Acuna’s art but the writing was good.  Its funny because I was just talking to Devon about Generation X the other day and I was wondering what happened to those characters, and I even asked about Synch.  Well, looks like he died.  Now I know.  Solid, but not worth $0.80.  C-

“Family Trust” – Remender and Fiumara
This one was my favorite of the five stories.  Since I recently got back into comics, I didn’t know much about the Hood except the fact that he was the new Kingpin.  This was a good one.  Not familiar with Remender or Fiumara though.  Pencils were inconsistent, meaning that Some panels were really good and others looked like they were half-assed.  I’m not gonna burn this guy cause I don’t know him.  The writing was good though.  Or at least the concept writing.  This Hood guy is pretty serious.  And you gotta be if you are Kingpin.  “Hey dude that’s your wife? She’s a looker”.  “Oh yeah? You’re dead. Taste.”  And this entire issue makes me want him to become the new Sorcerer Supreme, not the daydreaming high school teenage drama fest of Doctor Doom.  I would’ve paid $0.80 for just this.  B

 “The Judgement of Namor” – Gillen and Di Giandomenico
Not familiar with this creative team either.  Also, this story was not very good.  It wasn’t interesting, and it just looks like Phil Collins Namor is not as balls to the wall as Solomon is.  The art was terrible too .  This one wasn’t even worth a free comic book day slot.  F

“Dinner with Doom” – Milligan and Zonjic 
Didn’t care about this one at all.  I have no interest in Loki and it seems like he/she isn’t going to have a major impact on Dark Reign as a whole, so I just don’t care.  After this one-shot, she is just a foil for Doom’s importance.  Not worth a free comic book day slot either.  F

Waste of money and time.  Average: D-

Green Lantern #40: “Agent Orange Part Two”
Johns and Tan

You know, I don’t look forward to these.  I’m basically reading them because these are the Prelude to Blackest Night (oOoOoH) and the information will come in handy.  In my opinion, the Green Lantern Corps Prelude books are more interesting and better than the GL flagship.  Tomasi has me wrapped around his fingers.  ANYWAY, it was cool seeing Hal struggling to register his sincerity trying to use the Blue Ring, but really, the Battle for Hal Jordan’s Dick is just NOT interesting anymore.  I am, however, interested in Agent Orange which we got very little of in this issue.  Nothing really happened that was important.  John Stewart is getting his ass kicked in this arc like he does on every arc, even in Rise of the Olympian.  Also, can somebody clear this up for me?  Does the Blue Ring inflict pain on Hal?  Because he always looks like he is fatigued or injured due to the blue ring.  Sigh.  Counting down the days and hours until the next GLC book.  C

Justice Society of America #26: “Black Adam Ruined My Birthday!”
Johns and Eaglesham

It was good seeing all of these characters again since I stopped getting comics 2 years ago.  This was one of those issues were nothing really important happened, but it was still a good read.  Eaglesham’s artwork was as good as I remembered it.  Still adore these characters.  It was Stargirl’s birthday and that’s basically it.  Starman breaking the fourth wall at the end was way better and way funnier than Ares in DA#4.  B-

The Literals #1: “The Great Fables Crossover Part 3 of 9”
Willingham/Sturges and Buckingham

Why was this Fables crossover a good idea again?  The worst part is, is this is Issue #1 of the Literals aaaand on the front cover and just in itself too, it is part 3 of a crossover.  This is WHY there shouldn’t be crossovers in these books.  The Literals are just Fables versions of the Dreaming.  But they are like the Endless for written stories.  I just don’t care for any of these characters.  MY GUESS is that they originated from Jack of Fables which I gave up on after first arc BECAUSE IT WAS BAD.  And I’m not about to waste my time playing catch up for a fucking Vertigo Crossover.  I mean this shit isnt unreadable, but come on guys.  We just got off of the Dark Ages which was amazing.  And now I don’t see anything with Mister Dark or Blue’s return or anything I care about from the Fables main title.  I kind of hope that something good will come of this crossover at the end, or that it will actually make me feel like it matters at all.  C

Superman #687: “Power and Weakness”
Robinson and Guedes

Totally into the Mon-El storyline in the World of New Krypton sub-crossover or whatever you want to call it.  This issue does the job of keeping me interested in the characters for this sub-arc.  I love Mon-El and how he’s holding up taking Superman’s job in the big M while he is gone.  He’s so clumsy and awkward.  It’s great.  I also love the Guardian and his Metropolis Rainbow Six Team he put together.  Parasite I guess knows how to get around Metropolis and lay low you know, being A LARGE PURPLE ADDICT-INSANE SOCIOPATH with no eyes ears nose or mouth.  Like he just appears from one place to the next.  He had to have taken the train.  And he’s only wearing a trench coat!  Not going to nitpick though.  Cliffhanger at the end but I’m sure things will be okay for Mon next month.  B

Wonder Woman #31: “Rise of the Olympian Part 6: Uprising”
Simone and Chang

Okay so I don’t know how the rest of the world feels, but I’m really enjoying this series.  We’ve got Zeus coming back as snooty as ever, we got ZOMBIE JASON AND THE ZOMBONAUTS taking names with Poseidon’s son, we got the birth of ACHILLES who is making people taste it all over the place.  Yo, let’s roll into the UN on a fucking giant Elephant, SCREAM at the human race, and then tell the human soldiers they are worthless.  Some shit happens to Wondy in this issue.  She finds out that Genocide is a future deformity of herself, Etta is about to die, and Ares is about to make earth taste each other.  Oh yeah and this is all Wondy’s fault too.  The only problem in this issue was the blue balls of a fight Achilles and Wonder Woman had.  I was expecting some amazonian tit punching and some olympian dick impaling, but I get like five panels of blue balls and a nuke explosion in the air.  And instead of Achilles fight next issue, its gonna be Diana vs Future Diana (Genocide).  It’ll be bloody, but I’d rather see Achilles in the ring. B+



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