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That Justice League Trailer You’ve All Been Waiting For Is Here

It’s got explosions and guns and dudebros. It’s 100% pure Zack Synder shot into your eyeballs.

The wait for the new trailer has been excruciating for fans. In fact, even I was wondering when the trailer was going to show up. Warner Brothers decided that a marketing blitz was the way to go and we were treated to¬†vignettes of the founding members of the team. All culminating to this big ol’ heap of a trailer. As far as trailers go, it’s not bad and is pretty fun in parts. I honestly don’t know if this trailer would have excited or offended me if I saw this in a world where Man of Steel and BvS didn’t exist.

In terms of positives, Aquaman is probably the coolest character in the roster. Outside of The Flash, I can’t see anyone having as much fun as Jason Momoa does here. We all have to make our deals with the Devil and it looks like a Synderverse is the only way to make Aquaman cool. Bruce Wayne also makes the “Money is my superpower” joke, but weirdly it works here. What we see of the Parademons looks great and even though this is a dark as ever, the tone is decidedly lighter here.

In terms of negatives, holy moly do those Cyborg shots need some fine tuning. I’m not familiar with Ray Fishers acting chops but I know that no matter how good he is, no one will be able to look past how funky the character moves and looks still. The design is the design, but Cyborg looks like he needs a lot more time to make him not look like a graphics card marionette. It still bums me out that Batman is still this gun nut and his one big action shot is him mowing down Parademons in the Batmobile which has even more guns than the last time we saw it.

I can’t imagine this movie being worse than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it doesn’t look like it physically could, for the sole reason it has personality outside of ANGST. So here’s hoping that we have our first or possibly second great DCEU film.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017





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