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Let’s Discuss: Batman v Superman Trailer


Here is the official trailer that you can watch in non blurry shaky mess-O-Vision

Let’s Discuss is hopefully going to be an ongoing segment where I talk about some recent shake ups that happened in the realm of Comics/Film/TV/Video Games.

This week the topic?

The leaked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

Earlier in the week Zack Snyder, director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tweeted out a five second teaser that didn’t show much but the goal was to whet your appetite for more. Warner Bros even partnered up with IMAX and the plan is to have a “world premier” of sorts at IMAX theaters across the country for fans to watch the trailer in all its giant screen glory.

That was the plan.

But because the internet is the internet, announcing anything ahead of time is a surefire way to get your stuff leaked. Not even 24 hours had passed before some ultra-low quality shaky cam footage showed up online. Warner Bros did all they could to take down the video but it exists now and you can still find it with no more than a Google search.

Regardless of how long the footage took to surface the timing could not have been worse. The collective geek world was riding high off of the latest Star Wars trailer that hyped up the population of earth to peak levels. So when another property of note pops up on our screen we all go “Can’t you see I’m enjoying Star Wars? Leave me alone” You never want to step on another franchise’s toes because you will just offer up comparisons and considering how well Episode VII was received BvS was screwed from the start. Reactions to the trailer have been less than kind.

The trailer isn’t that great to be honest. Content wise, it was more than a teaser but less than a trailer making no one happy. Some people view Superman as a literal God, which is understandable but so is the backlash against that idea. We hear voice overs of people who are just mad at Superman. Highlighted with a statue of the guy with the words “False God” spray painted on its chest. One voice over from Alfred about rage and next thing we know the two are at a standoff in the pouring rain with Batman sounding like Jigsaw from the Saw movies.

Why does DC have to be so bleak? Man of Steel was almost totally absent of hope and ends with the extinction of an entire race. Also imagine if you didn’t know who Superman was, the guy LOOKS like the villain in this trailer. People are bowing to him and all he does is fly around looking menacing.

I know there is more going on in the film than what we would see in the very first trailer and it looks like Zack Snyder wanted to go for more style over substance here but even with the finished product when does Snyder ever NOT go in that direction?





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