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Marvel To Rip Off DC’s Rip Off With Damage Control

Damage Control is here to clean up your mess.Or at least that’s the plan. ABC has reportedly bought a script for a half hour single camera sitcom that follows the lives of the overworked and underpaid members of Damage Control, a clean up crew that spends their time picking up after the heroes after they throw cars at each other.

They are the construction crew of that Marvel Universe and have been around since the late 80s. The concept is fun and it at least attempts to answer the question like”Who fixes the roads?” when you see the Hulk jump and land a foot deep into a highway. It’s basically the answer to those a**holes who complain about how somebody has to be mowing the lawns in The Walking Dead.

If this half hour tv  superhero workplace sitcom idea sounds familiar it’s because we just heard about it like two months ago. DC’s Powerless is, get this. A half hour single camera work place sitcom that takes place in the DC comics universe. They work in insurance and living in the world where Superman and Zod basically broke an entire city, you can see how that can be a problem.

So in a weird way DC had the TV idea first, but only because it was ripping off the Marvel idea that is Damage Control. Regardless I hope these premier in the same week so we can all get mad and trash one and love the other.

Damage Control v Powerless who ya got?




Source: Variety  



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