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Baltimore Comic Con 2010 – Mondo Marvel Panel

A small yet potent gathering of the Marvel Talent Pool consisting of Jeff Parker, John Hickman and Tom Brevort.

Stating that had no slides or no noteworthy news they opted to open up Q&A right away.

Thunderbolts will coincide with Shadowland. “Luke hasn’t forgotten he has this strike force at his beck and call.”-Jeff Parker

Hickman is writing upcoming Ultimate Thor book, with Carlos Bachalo on art. Says it’s going to be closer to the Ultimates 1-2 version of Thor than other incarnations. AKA Loeb’s garbage pail kids version.

Marvel is still experimenting with the digital realm. They are still in “pre iTunes” stage. Not even close to figuring out how it all is going to work in a finalized form. Still a lot of data to process.

No plans to bring back 2099 aside from 2099 Spider-man in the upcoming game.

The big issue with the Thunderbolts was the argument of who was going to lead the team. Luke Cage or Hawkeye. Parker wanted Luke and he managed to snag him. More characters to join the roster for sure.

No new plans for Exiles. Jeff Parker stated that he thinks they had a good idea that just came out at the wrong time.

Jeff Parker to be working on Hulk book next. He said he got the R’s, Rick Ross and Red Hulk while Greg Pak got the B’s, Bruce and Betty.

Hickman on the existence of Frankencastle. “Sometimes we drink.”

More Iron Fist on the horizon.

Norman’s Cabal is dead and gone. But the Illuminati to be a big part in the Avengers Books.

Although the tone was really guided by the questions asked, Marvel’s panel seemed to be a lot of negative answers. No new news to report. A big fat no to upcoming project questions. No to characters coming back, etc.  I did like the honesty in the comments about the digital realm and how it’s still this beast they are trying to get the hang of. Expect alot of trial and error with this digital comics stuff.




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