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New Guitar Hero Games Makes You Feel Like You Are On An Amusement Park Ride

Activision has officially announced Guitar Hero Live which replaces gameplay for full motion video (FMV) and a first person view of you, the player, rocking out on the guitar. The trailer makes me automatically think of the Aerosmith ride Rock’n’Roller Coaster where Steven Tyler gives you backstage passes and you have to get in your SUPER STRETCH LIMO and you go all fast and stu- Sorry. I just really like that ride. Here’s some additional footage courtesy of Giant Bomb

As you can see the crowd reacts to you in “real time” which is to say through some clever editing, the crowd reacts to how well you are doing. There is also this fancy new guitar peripheral:

Guitar Hero new controller

The main difference is that it has six buttons in two rows, which reportedly gives a new feel and is fun to play but hard to master.

The real downer here, is that your old DLC songs will not transfer over as a result to the new gameplay mechanics. The game will run you $99.99 with the guitar and is expected to land in autumn 2015.

The price isn’t terribly surprising but fairly bold for a game that wants to appeal to the “Oh I remember that game, it could be fun to play again” crowd. The FMV aspect while impressive, could also get fairly old as staring at a few hundred actors make overly exaggerated faces depending on your skill level will wear off sooner rather than later.

The guitar wars are back ad Rock Band 4 was also announced earlier this year.

Does this get you pumped?




Video Source: Giant Bomb



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