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The NX Will Be Portable Console According To Reports

This unbelievable rumor is so believable because Nintendo.According to a report over at Eurogamer, the NX will be in fact, a portable console with detachable controllers and cartridge based video games.

The console itself will be a handheld complete with its own screen. The console is said to have detachable controllers on each side.

Illustration via Eurogamer

Illustration via Eurogamer

You will be able to dock the system and have it play on your big screen at home. The biggest change however, is that Nintendo is reportedly going back to cartridge based gaming. The idea is that cartridges are best used with the combination of both mobile and at home gaming but digital downloads of games will be available.

Due to the cartridge based system and other changes with the Nvidia Tegra chip being used, backwards compatibility seems like an impossibility.

Nintendo has not responded to these claims as of yet.

Obviously this is still all rumors but with multiple sources corroborating with Eurogamer’s story, it looks like the NX mystery is evaporating before our eyes.




Source: Eurogamer



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