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Overwatch Releases Another Short – The Last Bastion

Those beautiful bastards over at Blizzard have dropped their best Overwatch short yet.

I’ve long complained abut how frustrating it is that Blizzard has given us a wealth of creativity in the world of Overwatch and its heroes. There’s so much to mine, but Blizzard seems so uninterested in giving us anything more than a basic premise. But every once in a while they drop a gem like The Last Bastion. 

An origin story of sorts for everyone’s favorite robot to hate Bastion. We get a glimpse of a robot war between wherever the hell Reinhardt is from and an entire army of Bastions. Our specific model wakes up in the middle of a lush forest and befriends a bird and by the end of it, he may end up being your favorite character yet.

Blizzard has always been a top tier company with these types of shorts/trailers. Hopefully they will get around to fleshing out the universe at some point.





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