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Randal’s 2009 ANTiFanny Nominations

2009. This was kinda an unexpectedly awesome year for me Steve. There were a lot of great movies, games, and comics. Let’s jump right into it and go for the JUGGS.

Best Film of 2009

Make way, Make room, for the Brothers Bloom!  Rian Johnson made Brick and pretty much everyone loves it and thought it was a fantastic movie.  This year Rian Johnson made Brothers Bloom, and not nearly enough people watched it, but despite that it remains a fantastic movie.  Great acting by the entire cast, set on top of a truly unique and full fictional world with a tight plot that hits all of the traditional Con-movie beats, and then flips them on their ear.  It tells its story so well, and in the end does it in an intelligent way that makes you actually have to think about it as opposed to just being handed to you.  It narrowly beats out (500) Days of Summer for the win.

Game of the Year 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 wins it, hands down.  Don’t get me wrong, I had individual moments of having more fun in other games.  And I think Assassin’s Creed 2 really deserves mention and acclaim, but Left 4 Dead 2 is just a better game.  It took a lot of things that were missing from the first game, that you never even really thought were missing and put them in, and showed you how great the first game could have been, which is damned impressive considering I don’t know anyone who didn’t think the game was already great.  Another one of those great “as much story as you want” games, with a solid engine and flat out the best multiplayer there is in ANY game of the last decade.

Comic Arc Of the Year 2009

This was the hardest for me, and for the exact opposite reason the others should have been hard.  I honestly don’t think many good comics came out this year.  If anything 2009 for comics really pissed me off and drove me away from them.  However, there was one comic that got me up and incredibly pumped, at least for it’s first arc.  I can’t say I feel the same way for the rest of the series, but Batman and Robin: Reborn flew out of the gate with a fucking quickness that knocked me on my ass.  I should have known what to expect, it’s Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly, but how could I?  How could I honestly believe that Dick Grayson would be written as his own complete Batman with nods to his actual life as Dick and a flare all his own.  And I don’t know that you could have convinced ANYONE that they were going to like Damian.  I mean think about that.  Think about his first appearance and the universe distaste for him most people had, now?  Now I love the kid.  He easily wins best character of 2009.  Every single book he’s in is made better for his presence.  And of course, FQ just nails the art.  It was a fantastic super hero story with brilliant character work that made me realize that Batman could easily be a top book for me.