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Seth Rogen Now Wants To Do A TV Adaptation Of The Boys

Because what’s the harm of having more Garth Ennis on your TV screen?

Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen are hard at work in getting Garth Ennis’ Preacher off the ground over at AMC but not so busy that they can’t also be going around to cable networks trying to sell them on another TV adaptation of Ennis’ work, The Boys.

The Boys is a comic about CIA operatives whose job it is to keep the superheroes of the world in line. Why is this so hard? Well because the superheroes in the world of The Boys are awful terrible people who generally have no regard for human safety and are more promotional tools than actual civil servants. The members of this CIA group are also superpowered which makes he job slightly easier but this is only the tip of the iceberg for the book. the boys 3

The Boys may actually be more extreme than Preacher was if we are talking how ridiculous and dark direction that the series took.  The book was so anti-super hero that Wildstorm, a DC sister publication had actually cancelled the series after only six issues due to its extreme content but thankfully was given new life over at Dynamite and ran for over 70 issues before the series creative team decided to end the series. the boys 2

One of the most notable things about the book was that artist Darick Robertson had illustrated the two lead characters Wee Hughie and Butcher after two famous actors, Simon Pegg and Vinnie Jones respectively. While it’d be a treat to see either or both actors play these characters on TV I’d say it would be a long shot at best. the-boys

While I appreciate the enthusiasm that Rogen and Goldberg have for getting the works of Ennis onto television, let’s just see how Preacher turns out before I can hold any sort feelings for a sure to be gutted adaptation of CIA agents in black trench coats punching the heads off of super heroes.




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