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“Start a Joke” With This Suicide Squad Trailer Description UPDATE: Now with Leaked Trailer


Looks like DC and Warner Bros decided to release a full HD version of the trailer instead. You can find this right here


Looks like the leak is out (for now) Check it out while you can.

DC had their big day today at SDCC where one of the many highlights was most of the Suicide Squad cast coming on stage in ‘Hall H’ to show off a fancy trailer that will probably (hopefully) leak online. Ayer and co couldn’t stick around long but the director told the audience that, even though they were just shooting in Toronto last night, they had to come to Hall H because this audience “runs this shit.” Ayer went on to say, “Good vs Evil is played out. It’s time for Bad vs Evil.”

Trailer Description

The trailer opens with Amanda Waller eating dinner with colleagues and explaining her idea for a team, full of special individuals that would go on high risk missions and if they die, no one would miss them and better yet? No connections to Waller. She mentions Superman and we get a look at the Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn is in a prison cell, Deadshot hitting the heavy bag, Killer Croc with a hoodie on and the team gathers together. We get shots of Arkham guards and Gotham police patrolling the streets and Deadshot  gives the team the name – The Suicide Squad.

Next is a montage of the team going on various missions and we see a man dressed in a panda suit shooting up a store, Arkham Asylum becoming a warzone and Batman and Batmobile in pursuit of the Joker.

All throughout the trailer the song ‘I started a joke’ is playing and Harley is all over this trailer Eventually we hear Jared Leto’s Joker laugh, is almost like a cough. The trailer ends with a full face shot of the Joker holding electroshock cables and grinning his grill grin.

Cut to black.

So what do you think? Sound cool? Sound lame? The dude in the panda outfit makes this all seem a lot more silly that I was expecting. What do you think? Check out the song “I started a joke” to get a feel for the trailer.




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