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The Batman v Superman Deleted Scene Explained

If you watched the above deleted scene from the film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and found yourself even more confused? You’re not alone.

For those of you not sure what you are looking at, let’s get you guys up to speed. Warner Brothers decided to release a deleted scene from their latest DC film Batman v Superman. Why they would do that 3 days after the movie premiered in theaters is anyone’s guess but it could be a response to the many complaints about the nonsensical plot and how no characters (Lex included) seemed like they had any motivations to do or say anything they ended up doing/saying in the movie. Maybe they are just promoting the Ultimate Cut Blu-Ray release who the hell knows at this point.

What we do know is that a swat team invades the crashed Kryptonian ship in Metropolis and find Lex Luthor up to his chest in alien goo watching a giant hell-beast looking mother f#$%er holding two weird cubes and one floating in the middle, then it disintegrates away and Lex seemingly wakes up from a trance and turns around to see the swat team ready to take his silly ass to jail. Kubla 2Kubla


Who or what was that giant monster thing?

Well smart money is that was Yuga Khan who is known to be the father of Darkseid in the comics. 1562719-yuga_khan_1new-gods-yuga-khan

Who is Darkseid?

Imagine the purple guy Thanos from the Marvel movies and he’s the DC version of that. The slightly more in depth version is that Darkseid is a race of beings called the New Gods, a very powerful group of people in the DC Universe. He is heavily hinted at being the big bad in the upcoming Justice League film.

Much like his Marvel counterpart Darkseid has a penchant for sitting on thrones

Much like his Marvel counterpart Darkseid has a penchant for sitting on thrones

So where does Darkseid pop up in BvS?

Remember the “Knightmare” dream sequence that had a Mad Max-esque Batman shooting people in a destroyed future earth? We see a giant Omega symbol which is directly connected to Darkseid.
darkseid omega symbol Darkseid_0001

Not to mentions Parademons show up and start picking up people like it’s a scene from The Wizard of Oz and one of them ends up knocking out Batman.parademonsThere are all sorts of reasons why Darkseid is connected to the Omega symbol but all you need to know is that the guy is seriously bad news. His father Yuga Khan only serves to reinforce the theory that Darkseid is coming.

So if there’s a big bad monster in the goo room why did it just disintegrate and not murder everyone?

Well that’s because what we saw in the deleted scene was just a construct made by the Kryptonian ship. We have to take some slight leaps of logic here and assume that Lex became obsessed with Kryptonian technology which held records of things so far beyond what humans are even capable of conceiving that it mostly likely drove Lex (even more) insane. Which would explain why he knows about how to makes dumb grey CG monsters named Doomsday and why he rants on about Cosmic Bells and whatnot.

Alright, so what was the deal with the cubes Yuga Khan was holding?

Well the official term is Mother Box, think of them as super computers, except imagine what a super computer would look like on a planet full of people who call themselves “New Gods”. They are part living organism and the most scientifically enhanced things that exist in the DC cinematic universe. Also is was the big cube thing that turned that guy’s son into the hero we know as Cyborg. Cyborg DC

Historically a Mother Box look smaller, like a brick or imagine an iPod touch.Mother_Box_001

But they have been known to look more like cubes as wellMother Box 2

The Cyborg origin scene showed up what a Mother Box can do, and Lex was looking at a giant monster holding three of them.

So what was the point of the deleted scene?

Well not much except to really nail home the fact that Darkseid is the guy that Lex was talking about at the end of the film. But if you are a comic fan you would have already known that, and if you weren’t a comic fan, a scene where Lex is communing with an alien computer and learning about Yuga freakin’ Khan isn’t gonna make anything more clear. I supposed it’s a nice “deep cut” that DC fans can hang their hat on but other then that, kind of pointless and it doesn’t surprise why this didn’t make the cut.

Get excited for another 30+ minutes of this in the “ultimate” cut home release!






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