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Back in 2006, a group of angry young comic book nerds started a podcast with the focus of highlighting which comics that released that week were the must-read books but as the show grew in popular, it expanded into a show about video games, movies, television, comics, and everything else in between. Just remember one thing: We don't talk. We argue!

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Hello ANTiFanboy!

Hi it’s Michelle! I am 26 years old and I have been a huge comic book fan since I read Garth Ennis’s Preacher as a teenager....

ANTiFangirl Part 2: Killing Zombies is Just a Hobby

It was a light week for me last week and books that I read were The Walking Dead and Deadpool. So because of this I have also started reading Hickman’s The Ultimates and also picked up Mark Waid’s JLA Tower of Babel story too. So here we go…..

Things that happened the week of 9/14/2014

Thankfully however, the internet is a thing that will forever keep me busy. I saw a bunch of cool trailers for both film and video games. DC is basically Mavel circa early 2000s bankruptcy with the alarming rate it is giving it’s TV rights away to. The ANTiFangirl talks Leftovers, new staff writer Maggie recaps Doctor Who and the ANTiFanboys give their impressions on the new Smash Bros demo. All that and more after the jump!