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ANTiFangirl Part 5: Top Five Graphic Novels to get Her/Him Hooked on Comics.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading an article about how to get your significant other into comic books. These particular experts listed five graphic novels or comic book series that were sure fire wins to get your other half involved with comics. The list was terrible and I hadn’t heard of half of them so I thought that maybe I would make a list of my own. Considering that the way that I got into comics was through my significant other, I thought I might have a little experience, and I thought it would be fun to write about. So here is a list of what I think are the top five choices to getting your girl/boy interested in something you are interested in which will lead to many never ending conversations.

ANTiFangirl: Penny Dreadful

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone’s week was awesome. This week I recently finished Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, a show I had never heard of until one Sunday...