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Back in 2006, a group of angry young comic book nerds started a podcast with the focus of highlighting which comics that released that week were the must-read books but as the show grew in popular, it expanded into a show about video games, movies, television, comics, and everything else in between. Just remember one thing: We don't talk. We argue!

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Jon’s Reviews 4/29

I reviewed 7 books this week.  Dark Avengers #4, Dark Reign: The Cabal, Green Lantern #40, Justice Society of America #26, The Literals #1, Superman #687,...

Devon’s Reviews 5/08/09

I reviewed 4 Books this week, The Boys #30, War of Kings #3, Flash Rebirth #2 and Superman World of New Krypton #3 of 12. DC corrected their mistake and have stated that World of New Krypton is a 12 issue series not a 15 as previously seen.

I know these reviews are a bit long winded but I’ll try and fix this as reviews continue. Hope you guys enjoy.

Comic Reviews 5/16/09

Another week another review of comics that are coming out late. Taste it. You know, I really miss it when I could just read all my...

Comics and Rage

I’m having one of those restless nights over here and while not the sole purpose, one of the contributing factors seems to be comics that just...

A Comic Book Reader’s Guide to Wrestlemania 28

Pro Wrestling and comic books seem to go hand in hand. Both are positively augmented by well developed characters, have been around for decades…and lets face it, both have some pretty smelly, awkward neck-beard wielding fans. However, one of the strongest similarities is how overwhelming it can be to try to get into. With characters who change so frequently it is difficult for a new comer to understand exactly what is going on.

ANTiFangirl Part 6: Avengers VS X-Men

So I was completely chewed out by the boys, and I really don’t want to be replaced by haters of my feminist friend Joss Whedon who created Dollhouse. So here’s my dramatic return just in time for Avengers VS. X-Men.

ANTiFangirl Part 8: Spoilers Ahead for The Walking Dead!

Hey! All caught up with comics. I’m not someone who gets upset about spoilers especially if you have given me ample time to read or watch something, but this week’s Walking Dead issue was spoiled for me via Tumblr. At 10 am on a Wednesday, the day comics come out, a user told me how the Walking Dead ended. Giving me two minutes to read a comic, giving no one a chance to read it, is in poor form. Poor form. I’ve given everyone a week to read this comic which I think is more than enough time. So with that said, spoilers ahead for the Walking Dead. (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme).