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AFB’s Top 5: Movie Cars

Cars are cool. Always have been and always will be. Some cars though are cooler than others though and the silver screen has been home to some of the coolest cars of all time. Beautiful machines to badass road hogs, We each have our own personally favorite dream cars but we sat down and hashed it out and came up with AFB’s Top 5: Movie Cars.

AFB’s Top 5 Movie Cops

No job is more exaggerated in film more so than the Police Officer. If you go by the movies all cops do is pound pavement, beat up informants and shoot bad guys. This list is to celebrate the coolest, most efficient and effective cops in films.

Things that happened the week of 8/17/2014

As always some really cool stuff happened this week, and at the very least, a much better start to this week than last. That ‘Original Cut’ of Star Wars being released rumor, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson can’t seem to decided if he wants to go Heel or Face. We tried to kill Jon via fright and yet another comic creator can’t seem to keep it in his pants.