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ANTiFangirl: Marvel’s 1602

I recently reread Marvel’s 1602 by Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert, and Richard Isanove. I read the book years ago when I knew absolutely nothing about the...

ANTiFangirl: Spider-man 2099

So @stin and I have decided to enter the exciting world of Shadowrun, a role playing game that takes place in a cyberpunk dystopia, where basically everyone is a criminal. In order to get to know the world a bit better, @stin recommended that I read Spider-man 2099 by Peter David.

ANTiFangirl: The Superior Spider-Man

So recently, as we all know I picked up Spider-Man 2099, and as nerds we all know that one gateway opens up another gateway. At first, I was very against the ‘Otto Octavius becoming Peter Parker’ story line, since I was reading Avengers books and Daredevil, and I thought how silly it was no one noticed it wasn’t Peter Parker. But then I saw that Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man from 2099) was going to be in Superior Spider-Man, and I decided to put my feelings aside and take a look. And I’m really glad I did.

ANTiFangirl: Comic Books!

Happy April! I thought about talking about the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale, since I enjoy the reactions of fandoms so much, but I...