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Devon’s Reviews 5/08/09

I reviewed 4 Books this week, The Boys #30, War of Kings #3, Flash Rebirth #2 and Superman World of New Krypton #3 of 12. DC corrected their mistake and have stated that World of New Krypton is a 12 issue series not a 15 as previously seen.

I know these reviews are a bit long winded but I’ll try and fix this as reviews continue. Hope you guys enjoy.

Comics and Rage

I’m having one of those restless nights over here and while not the sole purpose, one of the contributing factors seems to be comics that just...

This is late. Deal with it.

The comics of the week of 5/20 were not reviewed last week but CLICK HERE to listen to our extensive review of DC Comic’s Battle for...

WWP09: Ray Park Q&A

Ray Park Q & A 12pm-1pm Now I’m going to be honest.. I wasn’t much looking forward to this as I wasn’t really a huge Ray...


Saturday was a rough day for me as I was running from panel to panel trying to get as much information as possible. I joined Suarez,...