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Steve’s Game of the Month – February 2012

We did it! We made it through February. That means I must choose a Game of the Month for February. If you read (or skimmed) the last one I wrote up, I recap what I played for the month and then pick so you get to see my thought process. You’ll also see that it’s not just new games that came out that month as I chose Modern Warfare 3 as my game of January 2012 since I played it the most because most people got the game for Christmas/Kwanukah. I will also be giving a 1 through 5 rating to any new game releases though as these are essentially mini-reviews. Why 1 through 5? Because 1 through 10 is such a lopsided system and so many people become blind over flaws in the $60 dollar game they plopped down that every game becomes an 8 through 10 no matter how much of a let down it is. *koff koff*