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Back in 2006, a group of angry young comic book nerds started a podcast with the focus of highlighting which comics that released that week were the must-read books but as the show grew in popular, it expanded into a show about video games, movies, television, comics, and everything else in between. Just remember one thing: We don't talk. We argue!

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AFBtv #1: Part 3 of 3

The final part in the first ANTiFanboy video podcasts is upon us! I hope everyone enjoyed this and we’d love to hear all sorts of ideas...

Steve’s Game of the Month – February 2012

We did it! We made it through February. That means I must choose a Game of the Month for February. If you read (or skimmed) the last one I wrote up, I recap what I played for the month and then pick so you get to see my thought process. You’ll also see that it’s not just new games that came out that month as I chose Modern Warfare 3 as my game of January 2012 since I played it the most because most people got the game for Christmas/Kwanukah. I will also be giving a 1 through 5 rating to any new game releases though as these are essentially mini-reviews. Why 1 through 5? Because 1 through 10 is such a lopsided system and so many people become blind over flaws in the $60 dollar game they plopped down that every game becomes an 8 through 10 no matter how much of a let down it is. *koff koff*

A Comic Book Reader’s Guide to Wrestlemania 28

Pro Wrestling and comic books seem to go hand in hand. Both are positively augmented by well developed characters, have been around for decades…and lets face it, both have some pretty smelly, awkward neck-beard wielding fans. However, one of the strongest similarities is how overwhelming it can be to try to get into. With characters who change so frequently it is difficult for a new comer to understand exactly what is going on.

Things that happened the week of 9/14/2014

Thankfully however, the internet is a thing that will forever keep me busy. I saw a bunch of cool trailers for both film and video games. DC is basically Mavel circa early 2000s bankruptcy with the alarming rate it is giving it’s TV rights away to. The ANTiFangirl talks Leftovers, new staff writer Maggie recaps Doctor Who and the ANTiFanboys give their impressions on the new Smash Bros demo. All that and more after the jump!