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The ANTiFanboy Comic Book TV Power Rankings

Welcome to a (hopefully) all new weekly article, in which I make a fanboy (read: unimportant) ‘Power Ranking’ of the TV shows that are out or coming soon in the near future. Every week show ranking will go up or down depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the episode. I hope to make this fun but if I cause a little uproar than I know I’ll be doing something right.


Warning: Here be Spoilers











I really liked this episode, but for all the wrong reasons. I found the majority of it well… funny! The general vibe of the show doesn’t seem like it should go that route but here we are. Donal Logue was much improved at Bullick as this time he’s not forced to spout expository dialog and he’s allowed to play around a bit more. Bruce Wayne is boring, Alfred is mean and Gordon acts like a cop.

My face when this girl is on screen

My face when this girl is on screen


The character for Selina Kyle just confuses me as she is mute for the entire pilot and most of this episode even though it’s titled “Selina Kyle” then the first time she speaks it’s SUPER anticlimactic and barely about her. Oswald, however, saves this whole episode for me by just being crazy and entertaining all throughout. Some of his scenes seem straight out of a Cohen brothers movie and of all the plots in the show, I’m excited to follow him the most.









No one cares about you

No one cares about you


Agents of SHIELD

This felt a lot like a second episode of a two-parter which compared to almost the entire first season is unique. Generally season 1 of SHIELD was ‘monster of the week’ one offs with the show only really tying together near the end. Since this just seemed to be playing off the previous episode however it felt more of the same. The reveal of Simmons’ issues was well done and it truly is awkward to watch him stutter and stammer through what he’s trying to say. Skye is mean, May is intimidating and Coulson is distant. We learn a bit more about the after effects of Coulson’s revival which I can only assume will lead to fun Marvel Cosmic stuff. A distinct lack of Ward however hurts the episode. As does the sheer business of the plot and episodes. Agents also decided to add a few new characters when the show desperately needs to focus on a select few. Angsty Brit and Luke Cage the mechanic are cool but I don’t need episodes trying to fit everyone in for the sake of the plot.



More of this crazy person please

More of this crazy person please











Starts next week and is currently the *Big Dog* of the super hero television world.



Starts next week and a decent pilot gives me hope



Total mystery. No idea what to think about this show





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Agents of Shield (2)

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