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The ANTiFanboy Super Hero Comic Book TV Power Rankings

Welcome to the weekly Super Hero Comic Book TV Power Rankings! In which every week I discuss and rank the weeks Super Hero TV shows. This means shows like Flash, Arrow, Agents of Shield, Constantine and Gotham. Sorry Walking Dead fans but there are no Super Power elements in your show. Please feel free to comment and yell at me for what I did wrong or how off base I was with my rankings. I’ll see you in the comments

Warning: Here be Spoilers



I sort of feel like the direction of this show has changed in the past few episodes. Gone, are the episodes building a “feel” for the city of Gotham and we are focusing more on the kids than anything else. Last week they did the tease where Selina and Bruce were doing this flirty thing where she was preying on young Bruce’s confusing hormones and it made us all feel a bit uncomfortable. Sure they are still kids but her promising Bruce that she will let him kiss her at some point is all sorts of awkward. Thankfully some assassins show up and try to murder her and she and Bruce run off into the city to escape and Alfred emerges as the badass that we all knew he was going to be. In fact, Alfred’s interactions with almost every character in the show is pretty great. It’s nice to add the “X-Factor” of an ex-military Butler into the world outside of Wayne Manor. I think I would rather watch a cop buddy show about him and Bullock than ol’ Vanilla pants Gordon.

Poor Jim. Always billed as the main character of the show and he’s really been nothing more than the most useful guy on the team, far from the most interesting. He’s Mark Brendanawicz from season 1 of Parks and Recreation. It doesn’t even pain me to say that the show would be better if he just left for a while. Jim figures out that Dent is sort of to blame for the whole kerfuffle at the mansion and goes off to find Lovecraft. You know, Lovecraft? That important sounding guy who only showed up an episode ago? Well he hints that there is far more to the Wayne murders than we thought, but before he spills the beans the assassins show up, take out Jim and kill Lovecraft with Jim’s own gun! Which I guess was some lame attempt at a frame? Don’t these assassins know what city they’re in?

Tiger Hoodies are all the rage

Tiger Hoodies are all the rage

The real stars, aside from Alfred, have to be the kids. Bruce finally gets a taste of what the underbelly of the city looks like and he shows that he’s willing to jump across buildings rooftops for tail. The two run into newly christened orphan Ivy Pepper (ugh) and I’m sure this would have worked better with more experienced actors but the whole bit where Ivy is acting weird and creepy around Cat and Bruce feels sort of undercooked, it’s like they are reading the lines but not acting them. Selina and Bruce get into more hijinks trying to fence off some stolen stuff from the mansion before the assassins show up. Eventually Cat gets away and Alfred is re-united with Bruce in a nice but awkward moment which makes it painfully obvious that Bruce needs to be put into a public school to understand how normal interactions work. All is not lost however, as Selina shows up later to give Bruce that kiss that no one in my age group needed to see.

Penguin and Fish have their moments but are no where near as effective as they were at the beginning of the season. Mainly due to the fact that the whole “fall of Falcone” is slowly building but no where near ready to pull off.

This was Gotham’s mid-season finale and while we are left with a bit more questions than answers, “Lovecraft” stirred the pot in a way that satisfies.



No Arrow this week due to CROSSOVER SCHEDULING for The Flash so enjoy this trailer instead


The Flash

Power Outage

Man I loved this episode. Here’s a fact. I am a sucker for gimmick episodes, you know the ones that break from the normal “of the week” and procedural episodes? I love musical episodes, I love crossovers and I love it when things get a little crazy. This week, The Flash was crazy.

What I loved most was how basic this episode started out being. We thought we were going to get another monster of the week where Barry learns a powerful lesson and.. well that is sort of what happened. But it’s the details that count. Barry meets a metahuman, in this case Blackout who beats him up,  and steals his powers in fact. Barry becomes powerless and while this happens, William Tockman AKA The Clock King is being transported at the Police Precinct where Barry works. At the same time Barry is back at STAR labs trying to find out what happened to his powers and Blackout shows up looking for Harrison Welles because he is the only criminal that was seemingly able to make the connection between his powers and the Particle Accelerator. This all sounds like a complete mess and it is, but it is the fund kind of chaos that is taking you all over the place and each plot is just as interesting as the last.

This guy rules

This guy rules

As all of this is going down Harrison Welles is working on getting Barry his powers back but he needs a distraction. He lets Tony Woodword (the X-Men reject from the previous episode) out and offers him his freedom if he can kill Blackout. So we have multiple bad guys AND villains fighting each other? What God did I please?

While Tony and Blackout are smashing into each other, we see a possible hint of a “thing” growing between Barry and Caitlin. Tony, gets killed, which I guess SORT of explains Barry revealing himself to him last episode and Harrison admits to letting him out to buy time. Barry is sort of horrified that Welles is willing to go that far but before the tension really breaks our electric vampire buddy shows up again. Harrison name drops half the DCU and Barry gets his powers back and saves the day. Meanwhile The Clock King situation get handled by Iris in the police station is less interesting but still enjoyable fashion.

This is how you do a great episode of television. You give everyone something fun to do, it moves the plot along, some characters are revealed and most importantly, the viewer is going batsh!t over all the great stuff happening in front of them.

The best episode of the Flash by FAR! So good that it made my least favorite thing about the episode before somewhat understandable.


Agents of SHIELD

No Episodes of Agents of SHIELD due to the holiday? I guess? Enjoy a trailer for the Mid-Season Finale



Rage of Caliban

You know what this show needs more of? John Constantine being a dick to people. There’s just not enough of him being a jerk to make him interesting. The guy is an exorcist with a permanent chip on his shoulder and he spends far too much of his time trying to be a nice guy to solve the issues at hand. the TV show ‘House’ was a procedural medical show, boring right? What made it interesting was the interactions and attitude of Dr. Gregory House. The reason I’m bringing this up because we get the best look at dickhead Constantine in this episode and we need far more of that guy.

There is a spirit going around causing all sorts of mayhem and murder. It will take over a child and eventually, brutally murder the parents before moving on. Constantine does his usual detective work and finds the possessed kid but he can’t get close because there’s no way in hell the parents are going to let Constantine near him. When he finally does try he gets knocked out by the father for his trouble. I’d like to think proper John Constantine wouldn’t let it go down that way but alas, we have this version.  We find out some things about John’s childhood and how it wasn’t exactly the greatest but the kid’s continued odd behavior convinces the mother to reach out to John for help. Flash forward a bit and we have John chasing the possessed child around on Halloween night and eventually comes face to face with the spirit. This is where the Constantine that I want shows up. He is an outright jerk to this kid, telling him how he thinks he’s had the worst childhood ever. John brings up that his own upbringing was pretty terrible and tells the kid to stop crying about it and eventually gets the spirit out and back to where it belongs. You see, mean Constantine gets stuff done and smokes on the hood of his car around trick or treaters, nice Constantine is a punching bag.

Also I should bring up that this cold open, and pretty much every cold open for this show so far, has been  fantastic. It’s like they get the people who worked on some of the best X-Files episodes ever to do these. But then they shove off when it’s time to direct the rest of the episode.

Zed is also not in this episode as this was originally supposed to be the second episode of the season but due to the recasting of the female lead, it got shuffled around a bit. And you know what? The show seems better for it. Not to sound sexist or anything but I really don’t think this show actually needs a third character in it, female or otherwise. When it’s John and Chas doing their thing, stuff seems to flow better. Any exposition can be handled with the side characters.

Lastly it should be noted that at the time of this article Constantine only has a 13 episode order, meaning no full season order has been made and while not counting out a second season entirely, the show is in some trouble. I don’t dislike the show entirely, and when the show is on, it’s quite good, but the potential for this show is to the moon and it’s wasting it’s time groveling in the dirt.

A fairly good episode of Constantine, that made me upset that we don’t have the  “mean John Constantine” that we deserve.



A surprisingly competent trailer dropped check it out



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