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The ANTiFanboy Super Hero TV Power Rankings for the week of 10/5/14

Welcome to a all new weekly article, in which I make a fanboy (read: unimportant) ‘Power Ranking’ of the Super Hero TV shows that are out now or coming soon in the near future. Every week show rankings will go up or down depending on the strengths and weaknesses of each episode. Please note that this is about Super Hero tv shows, sorry Walking Dead, you don’t apply.  I hope to make this fun but if I cause a little uproar than I know I’ll be doing something right.

Warning: Here be Spoilers





This episode seems to be further proof that it’s ready to not take itself as seriously as fans of the Batman mythos would like. Bullock continues his upward trend from his terrible performance in the pilot and while I am a little concerned he is basically going to end up in comic relief territory I am perfectly fine with where he is right now. Cobblepot is still the best and most interesting character in a walk so far. His plot line is the most interesting and how he reacts to the world around him is still fun to watch. The thing about Penguin is that in the comics he is really one of the more ‘sane’ Batvillains but without the rest of the rouges gallery Oswald seems totally nutty and off-putting.


Jim who? Give me this guy for 40 minutes

The main plot of this episode revolves around a ‘vigilante’ who attaches corrupt individuals to weather balloons and kills them… I swear the show is titled under drama. The plot itself is basically just an excuse to show how Gotham is going to react to VIGILANTE JUSTICE in like 20 years and to show that Gordan will have none of it. The other plots range irritating to obnoxious. Fish Mooney talks about how shes is going to plot against Falconi eventually but until she starts acting on these threats I’m not interested. Victoria Cartagena who portrays Renee Montoya is either very good or very bad at portraying her character. All Montoya does is walk around with permanent ‘stink face’ on while she tries to tell Gordan’s girlfriend Barb that Jim is a piece of garbage. However, she comes across as so unlikable that I don’t even care if her intentions are good, she’s just a shitty ex gf who has issues that Barbara has moved on.



Agents of SHIELD

Making Friends and Influencing People

It's all about this girl

It’s all about this girl

A much better episode than last. Making friends focuses on one or two character unlike the 25 or so it did in the last. The main focal point here is on Simmons who aside from a few figments of Fitz’s imagination has been suspiciously absent so far. Turns out she’s working at Hydra as a mole for SHIELD. How do I know this? Well because the super shady Hydra operations decided to plaster their symbol over pretty much everything they can. Crates, pins office walls you name it, Hydra has put their squid monster on it.

The gang runs into Donnie Gill whom you probably don’t remember but he was in last season and boring college student who got interesting near the end. He’s a bit more memorable this time around as he has the ability to freeze people to death with a single touch. I can’t help but cringe however, when the show goes out of their way to showcase all these special effects when you just HAVE to know it’s killing their budget and the ratings aren’t stellar to begin with, which I fear may lead to an early cancellation or a SEVERE drop off in quality. The best parts of this episode are pretty much whenever Agent Ward interacts with someone. Since he’s no longer ‘straight laced leading man’ Ward and ‘creepy sad’ Ward there seems to be a bit more to latch onto character-wise. His scene with Fitz is gold and Skye has some good stuff as well. Steadily improving.



The Calm

Arrow is in a unique spot as it’s in that weird place where while it has the benefit had having the foundation built around it for the past two seasons. However the third season is always a tricky one. Most shows have at least an idea for the first two seasons of where they want to go, whereas the third season is kind of up in the air in terms of quality and really separates the good shows from the great ones.

Arrow seems like its going to be the ladder.

Sup Girl?

Sup Girl?

The episode builds off it’s already likable characters and teases us again with the Oliver Queen- Felicity relationship. I may be biased because I find the actress Emily Rickard and Felicity ADORABLE. This episode introduces the idea of second generation villains which is neat but really, the bad guy takes a back seat to character development.

Captain Charisma

Captain Charisma

If there had to be one entirely shocking surprise I’d have to say it would be Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer who is just a ball of charisma and basically someone I forgot existed after Superman Returns. It’s nice to see that the guy can actually act. I won’t spoil the ending here but Arrow left on a PRETTY hardcore cliffhanger and I am pumped for next week.



City of Heroes

While I’ve seen the pilot before watching it again was a nice refresh… unfortunately it also reminded me of how much I loathed some parts of this episode. What I find both admirable and yet frustrating on equel levels is just how straight to the point this pilot is. We see his childhood trauma unfold and his super hero origin all happen in less than 15 minutes which is pretty obnoxious if you are going into it cold. If you have background with the show Arrow then it’s a little less offensive.

You are either very dumb or an awful person

You are either very dumb or an awful person

Grant Gustin is likable as Barry Allen if not a little baby faced. Comic Barry Allen is basically a grown ass man by the time he gets his power. The actor literally looks like he could still be in high school. Candice Patton, the actress that portrays Iris West is more frustrating soley due to the fact that the writers have her play the oh-so-tired “I’m totally oblivious to this guy that clearly likes me”card that it hurts. It’s like the writers are stuck in the 90s when that idea was still applied ad nauseam. The other characters all have decent introductions. The villain is pretty basic but a nice updated look of the Weather Wizard and the action scenes are admittedly cool, especially neat the end.

My one big fear however is how basic and apparently the plot and the twists are. Iris doesn’t like the new hot shot cop on the force. OOPS they are dating. The nice doctor isn’t all that he seems OOPS! He can walk and is from the future. It is a little concerning that the first scene with Barry as a child I could basically see exactly what was and is going to happen. Get your game up Flash.

Still looks like a baby

Still looks like a baby

So maybe I’m being snobby and I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but it’s not all bad. The episode ended on a very strong note and I am excited for more.



Total mystery. No idea what to think about this show






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