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The Dark Knight Game That Never Was

Did you know?

I remember years ago, during some┬ápromotional tour nonsense I read somewhere that Gary Oldman of all people let slip that he was working on a video game version for The Dark Knight. He mentioned that he saw footage of Batman gliding around on rooftops and we all got pumped. Even though back then a licensed product was usually a death knell for a video game, pfft! What. Ever. This was The Dark Knight. Did you even SEE that trailer? It’s little wonder why studios kept pumping out those bad titles.

Weirdly, the movie came and went and we had no video game. Then the blu-ray release came and went and still no game. Eventually we all assumed it got cancelled then Arkham Asylum happened and the rest is history. Now thanks to those lovely people over at the YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming we now know the story behind the failed video game movie tie-in.





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