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The Defenders Trailer Is Here!

After Marvel’s first real misfire, can The Defenders get things back on track?

Marvel’s The Defenders was announced some time ago, all the way back after Daredevil season 1 blew the doors off everyone. So now that we have two stellar shows, one decent show and one… pretty bad one (I’ll let you figure it out) it’s time to do what Marvel does best and smash our heroes together and make magic. It’s most certainly a lot rent Avengers but that’s always been the point. Here our the street level heroes doing the grunt work while Iron Man is off doing battle with space tyrants.

As a trailer, there’s a lot to like here. Matt bursting into the interrogation room to protect his newest “client”. Danny running into Luke Cage and having a quick dust up. The evil businesswomen played by Sigourney Weaver spouting about how the hero’s connections make them easier to defeat. Yes, there’s also a hallway fight scene.

There’s no clear plot yet, but the appearance of Stick and Elektra certainly point to the Hand, and hopefully not the high school drop out Hand kids that were omnipresent in Iron Fist but the black hooded weapon wielding ones from Daredevil. This may be a bit of a redemption arc for Iron Fist as well, whether intentional or not. Danny seems to be the one least damaged and has the optimism that won’t be so out of place among, the hard drinking detective, a blind vigilante and an ex con. That or we get a full episode of the rest of them dumping so hard on Danny that it makes him quit the team or at least stop being so lame. 

The Defenders drops on Netflix August 18, 2017





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