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The Disney Marvel Spider-Man Just Keeps Getting Better

It looks like we are clearing out the webs (heh) concerning the Sony/Disney deal with Spider-Man. If the source can be believed it looks like we are definitely getting High School Spider-Man – no origin story needed. Which I think we can all collectively breath a sigh of relief. The new film will be titles, “Spectacular Spider-Man”.

It also seems like Spidey and Iron Man will throw hands at each other and him trying to get into the Avengers. Which mirrors the original story of Spider-Man trying to join the Fantastic Four as he just started out. In terms of switching out Fantastic Four with The Avengers? Well I’m on board because A. ┬áThe quality of the Fantasti Four brand in cinema is suspect at best and B. Well Fox “owns” the right to the FF movies anyway to legally it’s an impossibility. Plus c’mon guys… The Avengers > Fantastic Four ALL DAY.

It also seems like this is a convenient way to keep Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man on screen without having to give him his own movie and renegotiate any contracts he has with Marvel already.

But what is probably the best part is that Drew Goddard will be directing. With all the moves Sony has done lately things weren’t looking good for his ‘Sinister Six’ movie and it looked dead in the water. The good news is that Goddard gets to upgrade to a full fledged Spider-Man movie and the┬áSinister Six look like they are going to be somewhere in the movie regardless. All this and Disney gets to keep him in the fold when it looked like they lost him with the Daredevil Netflix show.

Lastly it looks like there was some political drama regarding Marcel CEO specifically requested that Avi Arad be removed from the series altogether.




Source: Latino Review



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