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*UPDATE *The First Official Still Of The Punisher In Daredevil Season 2


Looks like even more photos have dropped. Take a look at them here.daredevil-season-2-jon-bernthal-punisher-164143


Marvel's Daredevil


Costume smoshtume.Today we finally got a look at what Jon Bernthal will look like while portraying the Marvel Universe’s most cold-blooded anti-hero Frank Castle AKA The Punisher. The result?daredevil-season-2-punisher-jon-bernthal-600x402

Obviously this is a more street clothed version of Frank Castle but considering the gritty feel of Daredevil, I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if the iconic skull t-shirt only made an easter egg like appearance. The photo itself is nothing special, especially that terrible headpiece that Matt is rocking (sigh) but that’s until you realize that this could be the set piece of a FANTASTIC scene made iconic in the comic series relaunch of The Punisher issue #3 The Devil by the Horns by Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon. Fingers crossed guys.

We also see Matt and Karen getting cozy:daredevil-season-2-deborah-ann-woll-600x446

and finally we get a shot of Elodie Yung portraying Elektra Natchios:daredevil-season-2-elektra-elodie-yung-600x392

Hype is high for the sophmore season of Daredevil and they are amassing an All-Star roster. Now wheres Bullseye…




Source: EW



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